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MSP HD Paints and Triads


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With my army of bones arriving in the next few weeks, I've been trying to decide on how to handle priming (or not priming) them. It seems that many hear are very happy with just cleaning them and base coating straight on them. So I'm going to give that a go as well as trying a primer version and a base wash version. I know I'll have bones to experiment with this on (the non-fantasy ones at a minimum).


But given that, it seems to me that the HD paints would be great for that base coat in order to give good initial coverage. My issue is that I plan to start with using triads for my initial painting to help with color choice and then move to more mixing in the future. But I don't see how the HD paints are supposed to fit into the triad system. The website says they expand the triad system, but no where can I find how they fit into it. Any help or pointers appreciated of course.

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People of course can use the paint however they want, which is what I typically do when painting but when teaching painting I like the idea of the triad system and when I start to talk about how HD paints may fit in that system I say something like this.


The triad system is typically based on the idea of Midtone, Shade and Highlight. The HD paints are useful for finding a nice starting point to apply your base layer with then using the triads to shade, tone and highlight that base.


Since I paint from dark to light personally, but I teach all methods (that I personally know of), when I teach with Reaper paint I tend to use a midtone first, from the HD line as the paint has pretty reliable coverage and nice range of colors. I then choose a triad and starting with the shade, I start shading down from the midtone. Then I mix in the HD to that and work my way back to the mid color of the triad, and finally start highlighting, using that middle tone to reclaim any over highlighted areas by glazing.


I know that may be out of the scope of your intentions, but I think it's necessary to say since that is what I've personally found them useful for. Others may have another take.


It all depends on the particular triad as some have better coverage than others in terms of setting down that first base coat. HD doesn't suffer from that and is consistently reasonable coverage. Not as much as either Foundation or Vallejo Model Color, but it's good paint. It definitely has a role in my day to day painting and teaching for sure. I'm a bit of a paint nerd, so I hope that didn't come off as too technical, I tried to keep it not-so-wordy.

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Thank you for the info Darkstar. I'm looking for any guidance, and yours was spot on. My intentions are to find whatever works best. And a bunch of bones will be the best way to do that. Wish I had someone like yourself near to give me a few lessons!

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Similar to what darkstar said - I started with Triads, and absolutely love them, but I recently bought both of the starter packs for the HD colors as well, and am finding that alot of my base colors, or parts that I want very saturated are coming from the HD line, and alot of my shades, highlights, and blending colors are coming from the triad line. It all blends together wonderfully once you get the right consistency for everything.

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