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modded Games Workshop Eowyn

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Last night my D&D group went back to our Lord of the Rings campaign where I play a young Beastmaster from Rohan. (We're playing the Rolemaster rule set.) I had an Eowyn figure I wanted to mod a little (add fluffier hair and leaves, and a fur stole) to make into my character, you can see my initial playing around with green stuff here.
I started painting this figure at 11am and it took me 6 hours from start-to-finish. (Had to leave at 5pm to get to our gaming session.)






It was a fun challenge limiting myself to 6 hours. I wanted to paint something that was good enough for the table, but not my usual 'I'm going to spent days and days on this figure!' I know I could have sped my time up a little by using metal paint and washes on the chain mail, but I think everyone is aware by now of my weird animus towards metal paints.

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The eyes seem like she has been crying or something, though.

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She looks cool. She has a more rugged/living in nature look.

She looks like she's been sleeping in a leaf pile. It's a great effect, very ranger-y.


And the freehand on the cloak is beautiful.

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Thanks guys and thank you for the critiques! She was a harder mini to paint than anything I have painted before, she is slightly smaller than my other minis.

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      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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