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What to buy?


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After Christmas, we are going to get a digital camera. I don't want to invest more than $300 into one, but would like to get one that will give me good miniature pictures (as well as family photos; the justification for the purchase) :poke: .


Any and all suggestions would be welcome.



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Min package I would buy.


- Min 2 megapixel (at 2 megapix will give you great resolution, from there extra pix almost redundant.


- 3x Optical, 3x Digital Zoom (Optical is essential for good focus)

- 64meg removable memory card (you can treat it like film, take two cards with you and switch if one get's full)

- Macro Function (this allows for close up focus)

- For mini's the ability to turn the flash off (use static lighting, much better)

- Manual or auto focus. (auto requires the Macro)


This should give you a good camera for mini pix and general family shots.

When selecting find somewhere you can take some test shots. Take a mini with you and try the different camera's see which takes the best shots.


Hope this helps.


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I really like my Cannon PowerShot A70.

It is really easy to use, has 3.2 megapixels, and takes good macro pics. The price was right at $300 when I bought it back in the summer. That may have come down by now and you may be able to catch a sale.


Check out the link in my sig for examples. All the photos on the site were taken with the PowerShot.


Hope that helps.

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