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Ice Giant Queen - bumps on mouth


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I tried to see if anyone else had asked about this Bones figure here but couldn't see that someone had, so I'm sorry if this was asked already.


My ice giant queen figure is gorgeous but I noticed she has small bumps on her face, one on each corner of her mouth. I wondered if this is something leftover from the molds or intentional because they could be fangs, I guess? I'm pretty sure they're not, for obvious reasons. Anyone else with this figure see the same thing? I can get around to posting a picture if you guys need to see it.

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She is definitely wearing a mask.



I find it strange that they renamed her for the bones as her metal version she's Ice Giant Priestess.

Ice Giant King and Queen sounds better together than Ice Giant King and Priestess.


Actually it was "Frost Giant Princess". Only thing that got changed was her title went up one step. As to how she upgraded her title with the same frost giant king on the throne...

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