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Identify: Unknown Male Warrior with Sword and Clawed Gauntlet :: Resolved

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Chaos Wars Miniatures :: Leonaran Dragonmaster


Purchased 1991, Painted, at DragonCon. One of the few minis I've ever purchased painted by another artist.


More pictures available on SpringPad Listing.

Any assistance with finding out this one's origins would be appreciated.

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I remember having him, I am pretty sure he was from a boxed set. And I am almost positive someone posted him in the forums recently. Unfortunately I am old and senile, so I'm not much help in identifying it.

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Thanks as well.

Now might buy him to paint myself.


Also known as:


Iron Wind Metals :: Fighter with Sword and Claws

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Very nice! That whole box set was fantastic, it had one of the most iconic 1st/2nd edition clerics, and they all saw regular use in my games. The guy with the stylized illithid helm was the go-to polearm warrior around these parts, and Churun was a rarity, a human with a morningstar. They made iconic villains, but they were always being grabbed for pcs. Even mister fancypants with his unicorn horn and Lord Nimrod, who forgot to put pants on for the class photos.

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      Slowly working through the horde of plastic.  These guys are about the most boring things ever.  I freely admit to crappy basecoat, drybrush, and wash techniques to get these done as quickly as possible.  Enjoy: 



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      I just finished painting this figure yesterday. It's from the old Grenadier boxed set 'Fighting Men' #2005. Not really a whole lot to say about him, I spent about 3 hours painting him to a good tabletop level. I got a little burned out on painting for a while, feeling like I had to paint everything to a competition level. Well, sometimes it's just fun to slap some paint on a figure in a few hours just to take your mind off of other things. I had just forgotten that somewhere along the way.
      Anyhow, here he is, let me know what you think.



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