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Razig Painting Log

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Long hearing from me, but here I am with new army idea.

I'd like to make and Razig army this month.

Here I'll be sharing all army ideas and build and paint progress.


Note: this is gonna be all 100% proxy army, I doubt I would buy any reaper mini for this army. This is supposed to be budget army made from bitz left from other minis (sorry reaper you don't provide that), but with high hobby factor. So lots of good painting here and 100% WYSYWIG. Also I'll be trying to keep my minis close to original in that pirate theme.

I'm not anti-reaper I have some beautifull darkreach models and some tottaly random reaper ones still in painting progress, but I have some undead models left so thats why I picked Razig.


So here we go.


I'm still gone need to order some minis or at least parts for them. Mainly for Salty Sabres, Scurvy Dogs, and Weresharks.

I'm also going to make special set of bases for them.

I already have zombies, skeletons, ghouls and some dwarven cannons. I'll start this project next week.

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If you give the undead pirate caps or bandannas, few with muskets pistols and rifles and other accessories, it could look really good.


Personally I would use most of the razig miniatures, but proxies, too.


I don't like to have salty saber more than once, but saw him in army lists very often more than once, so I would get the following ones as salty saber proxies:




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I'm going to make about 10 salty sabres for my army. I'll go for same amount of zombies, and 2 maybe 3 heroes, and some elites including scurvy dogs and sea hag.

This part of my army would be all about Dead Men Tell No Tales Doctrine. So max models with Nauseating SA.

Also I want to make it something like no skeleton list. Of course this is impossible coz the leaders has to be skellies, but all other skellies would go in the second part.


I'll start as soon as I get some parts for scurvy dogs and sabres, which should be this week.


Also we play with no warlord models. Warlords are too powerful. We had like one or to battles and it looked like all minis were killed by our warlords with ease and then there was a warlord challenge. So we decided to go with captains and sergeants only. This is far more interesting. But there are some problems with damage reduction 2 models. My fried uses them every game in every of his 2 armies (dwarfs and gnomes). I hate this, but when well played I'm able to kill those monsters, and yet win the game.


And just a fast note about basing my models. I'm going to make wooden planks on all bases. Normal models would get nothing special on these bases, but all elites would have something like extra planks, wooden parts of ship and stuff, while leaders would have anchors to make them stand out.

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I don't know the rules, but I think it would be better not to fight till the end or use campaign goals where deaths are not the most important goal. Is it possible with warlord? I still don't have the rules.


10 Salty Sabers? Thats much. I think few Bathalian's could be modified easily to be salty sabers.


Does anyone know how to get cheap crab like body parts or from other sea animals?


I'm really curious about how your modifictions will look like.


I think I will use sand as salt crystals, which are growing out of the body or on him. But before I start with razig, I will need to continiue to paint my Deadtech Robots and Ghostly Pirates!!!


Does anyone have pictures of water corpses? I would really like to paint zombies more like water corpses. (I think it is better a question for a new thread.)

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