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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #2

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Please don't make the Dire versions of animals spiky.

I agree with this sentiment.


The plastic D&D figures made by WOTC some years ago represented dire beasts not only as larger and more fierce-looking than their normal counterparts, but also with strange stone-like spikes projecting from their bodies, which I felt were nonsensical, even for a fantasy game.


I prefer to think of dire beasts as akin to pokémon at their next level of evolution- recognizable, yet different enough. Dire animals would be larger, and might have other features like bigger teeth or claws, or have fur that stands on end or is gathered in bunches, and they might sprout an extra tail or six. But except for a dire armadillo or horned toad already having stony characteristics, mysterious rocky projections are just silly.

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In general -


  1. more critters, less PC-types (exceptions noted below).
  2. I loved the ability to do discrete add-ons of things already in the pile (more familiars, yay! Orcapocalypse - dang, I shoulda done that! etc.)

basic groups (this is all "what would be awesome" not necessarily 'what would be economically viable' of course)


  • Science Fiction
    • Robots! the sort of things that can be used in groups, especially, like the XAI Robots, or ALF 24. But also maybe some non-bipedal designs - something like the spider-bot from Johnny Quest, maybe?
    • Some more... realistic... designs. The IMEF are cool and all, but... it would be nice to see some folks closer to the NOVA corp dude(ttes).
    • On the other hand, Powered Armor - both big and bulky kind, and the Bubblegum Crisis superhero hardsuit kind (maybe with optional weapons?)
    • Overall, I gotta admit, though, my ideal KSII would be centered around...
  • ...Fantasy!
    • ​Characters
      • as others have asked for, a set of lower-level/more old-school character minis. Characters that look a little gritty, with backpacks and grappling hooks and torches or lanterns and 10' poles, with mundane-scale (if not actually mundane) weapons and armor. Beards and tousled hair. Something like the old three-piece sets might be the way to go here? mundane/low-level, adventuring/mid-level, and a high-level/epic stage for each character - maybe with a mounted option?
      • Speaking of mounts... Mounted characters would be spectacularly awesome. And not just characters on horses and ponies - give us dwarves riding bears, halflings riding giant dogs or goats, 'martian warriors' on eight-legged cats, goblinoids riding wargs... Ral Partha once did a hill giant riding an elephant like a horse!
      • Covering up the gaps in the character list - male and female monks, some more gnomes, halflings and dwarves, a few more clerics, things like that. A couple of non-piratical swashbucklers, and other lightly-armored characters would be nice.
      • lastly - some characters that are clearly delineated between "adventuring" and "in town", in terms of dress and equipment - fighters that aren't in heavy armor, and sorceresses that aren't in flowing gowns.
    • Monsters!
      • more demons (or demon-like entities),
      • more beasts (giant crocodiles, massive spiders, packs of wolves, cave bears, oliphaunts, giant eagles, saber-tooth tigers (oh my!))
      • I think I'm mostly set for giant-sized humanoids for a while (although Hill and Stone giants might be cool), but these golems are just too durn cool for words.
      • I'll (twelfth?) the idea of discrete units as add-ons - a clutch of cultists, a band of brigands, a squad of soldiers, a passle of pirates! Any kind of group that would lend itself to being thought of as a "unit".
      • I like the idea of vegetation monsters - an treant, some shriekers and other fungoid monsters, creeper vines, stuff like that.
      • other than that, and, again, filling in some gaps (hippogriffs, maybe some of the smaller dragons - and a couple of larger metallics, a pegasus, maybe some dinosaurs?) let's go weird? Like, some of the more freaky options of yuan-ti - abominations with snakes for arms, or naga-like things, heck - how about a couple of nagas? half-demons (a half-marilith with four arms, things like that), Ice elementals, slimes and oozes, air and water elementals (in blue translucents!), clockwork monstrosities and mechanical mayhem, Higher powers to offset their lownesses?
  • Modern/supers/steampunk
    • I'll admit, I don't have a lot of use for modern stuff - at least right now - but expanding out the post-apoc crew would be handy.
    • some of the larger super-hero minis would be kinda ace, however.
    • steampunk! yes!
  • Accessories
    • dungeon accessories like treasure chests, candelabras, tables and such, I don't really need (but wouldn't mind having?)
    • On the other hand, carts, and wagons, tents and other outdoorsy stuff, I could use - that would be kind of neat.
    • Spell effects - walls of frost, and force, other lasting effects - would also be kind of cool.
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I'd like to see the following



Agents (men and women in suits with sunglasses suitable for "government work" some with guns some without)

Children (the kind that could be either young adventurers or innocent bystanders)


Sci Fi

Robots (everything from humanoid robots designed to terminate things to utility droids for protocol missions or "astromeching")

Aliens (again I'd like the range to run from predatory hunters to things inspired by Gieger and even some short guys with big eyes but most importantly I'd like a variety of each so I can have a half dozen of each with more unique qualities than just different color schemes)



The Slender Man



An assortment of "intelligent" Apes wearing clothes and wielding weapons (maybe even some gorillas with guns)

The Pantheon of Egyptian Gods

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I'd like more monsters and less characters myself, but if they do do characters, I'd like to see something along the lines of what Ral Partha did with their 3 stage characters. I.e., a representation of the character in basic equipment, a few levels higher with decent equipment, and then a final one with epic equipment.



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I would like some normal animals, TBH - Wolves, bears, badgers, maybe a couple big cats and some hawks... I understand that it would be really expensive in pewter, but maybe in bonesium... A Roc? Like a scale one? That'd be really fun...


Also... MOAR GRYPHONS. I love feathery wings... maybe one or two of the angel figures could make the leap as well *cough* Angel of Light *cough* and a Pegasus or two...? I would be super-thrilled... ^_^

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