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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #2

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I understand that it would be really expensive in pewter, but maybe in bonesium... A Roc? Like a scale one? That'd be really fun...


Love this idea! For some reason Roc' always end up snatching up my groups PC's in ever campaign and trying to feed them to their young. So maybe some baby Rocs too!

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Bones would be ideal for bands of grubby, disreputable city guards/bandits/retainers with halberds, crossbows and so forth. Also, some more overladen bearers, the more the merrier — and maybe a pack mule and/or donkey!


I'd also quite like to see some more dungeon dressing items — doors of various sorts would be especially useful, but also tables, workbenches, torture chamber equipment, mad wizard's laboratory gear... the list is endless.

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I agree about the roc and young - I think the young would be good for those who take a roc as a companion ( these only get to large size) and a full grown wild roc is legendary size. I'd love to see models in both sizes

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MOAR Things I'd like to see!


Mounted figures

Male and Female, also bonus and all the love if you make them with on-foot versions.

I'd love to see say:

M and F Armored Rider and on Foot

M and F Less Armored (Mage/etc) Rider and on Foot


Other Mounts:

Elf on Stag

Elf/Human Woman on Unicorn

Black Knight on Nightmare

Amazon/Elf on Big Kitty

Gryphon Rider

Pegasus Rider

Smaller Dragon Rider: It's pretty easy to get a LG sized Dragon with a Pally these days. :)


Larger Creatures that we couldn't afford in Metal

+1 For the Roc

"Large" and "Huge" Elementals. Actually, you know what? I want them all. Small to Huge.


War Machines:






Animals: It's really awkward when you have a pride of lions/pack of wolves or some bears to fight and you gotta get creative with the DDM stuff (which was usually rare anyways!) Also, Dire Animals.

-Lions (1-2 Male Lions and Lionesses)

-Wolf Pack (Led by a Dire Wolf/Worg?)





Dinosaurs that look like Dinosaurs (Maybe a T-Rex, A pack of Raptors and a Styracosaurs!)


Last but not least:

I want to see you make a fantasy Winged Hussar.

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+1 for the manticore and elementals.


I was thinking about the animals earlier today ( I won't repeat my request for which animals, I have said it already) and what I'd like to see is a range of animals and then an option to get multiple of them like what was done for orcapolypse. I really think this would be popular as animals often attack in groups.


I would also like to see more official pathfinder minis. The ones in the first KS were great.


After having finally received my bones this week (I'm in Australia so it took a bit, but I am more than happy) I can really see that bones real strength is with in creatures classified as 'large' or larger. I wouldnt change any of my requests but I definitely think that Reaper should focus on the larger minis like the griffon and hydra - those two turned out beautifully.


Edit - spelling error fixed

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I'd like to see some bonesium terrain pieces. I think that you could do some really cool things with interlocking pieces, in similar fashion to the way the self-assembly bones are slotted together. Also, that thing that Kaladrax sits on made me want more of the same. Big ruined statues, looming cliffs, arches bridges.. think of the utility!

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I do like the flying pedestal idea, just wish I could get a fly speed for my 4e Storm Sorc any time in the near future. Kobolds riding lizards intrigues me, the only time I'd thought of giving my Kobold Warlord (Basically a Dragonshield, in heavy armour and stuff) a mount was in jest, when I realised I could take a very silly paragon path, and get a Unicorn mount from it.


Also, Clockwork Wyrmlings? I predict much squeeing from people I know if they make those. Hell, they'd be so wuzzly.


In general though, yeah, a few more of the unusual monsters would be nice, though I'm torn between massive monstrosities, or more mid-range critters that work best in small groups, as well as some more diverse hordes Setpieces are nice to have, and a lot can be done with a mix of ruins, and stuff. Especially, say, a copy of the ruins that Kaladrax sits on. Imagine a party approaching that, and then the next thing they know, the DM removes it from the board, opens up a box, and then plonks down Kaladrax right in front of them. Doom, DOOM, DOOM! (And tasty snacks)

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