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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #2

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I'm really enjoying reading throught the Hollow Earth RPG and would love a wolly mammoth and other large prehistoric creatures too. I'm not sure how viable it is since Reaper carries the other prepainted dinosaur line. However, it would be great to get models that are all in the 28mm scale.


Farm animals would also be a great plus. Not only would they add a lot to my miniature table, but I could see them being a hit with kids for school projects.

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A wooly mammoth would be a good additions to Bones.

That would be awesome. Hopefully with a howdah; I'd love to add a war mammoth to at least one fantasy army without breaking the bank.



That would be awesome, especially if the howdah is reasonably sized. In the past, quite a lot of big animal + howdah sculpts (from various companies) have featured back-breakingly large howdahs.


I would also love to see other pachyderm options - with, or without, riding gear. (African elephant, Mastodon, etc.)

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I would really like to see centaurs in the next kickstarter. A nice 2-4 centaur add-on option stretch goal would be perfect (either one stretch goal of four centaurs, or two smaller goals of two centaurs).


Two heavily armoured centaurs with lances or spears, and a pair of either lightly armoured or completely naked centaurs, maybe equipped with bows for the second pair (or one bow and one weaponless for a more savage creature option. Ideally the two sets would each be male and female.


Of course you already have some suitable candidates in metal. I'd recommend 14497: Chiral, Centaur Captain along with 14489: Centaur Warrior for the armoured pair, and 03376: Children of the Zodiac: Sagittarius with 02088: Argus Stronghoof for the unarmoured pair. The only reason I don't own all four already is they cost close to $40 in metal. In bonesium, I'd grab them in a second.

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More of everything!

Ok, more seriously... more elves! Dark elves in particular, but any elf is good.

Some decent cat-people minis would be nice too, not a lot of those out there... something along the lines of the Sekhmet minis from your Warlord range.

Speaking of... more of the Warlord ranges, things like Elsabeth (14131), Crimson Knights (06130) or really almost anything from the Necropolis range that hasn't already been done. Or the Darkreach range, or the Elves/Wood Elves range, or the Nefsokar range, or the Sisters of the Blade range... etc. Most of the Warlord range is nice stuff, just too expensive in metal to be of actual gaming use other than as the occasional character.

The rest of the Pathfinder Iconics would be nice, there was a card game released recently (Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords) that uses a bunch of the Iconics characters and I found that while I had the minis for some of them in the Vampire pack there were also some missing like the monk.

And of course monsters big and small. :) Demons, maybe?

I'm not particularly interested in the non-fantasy stuff as a general rule, but neat models are always welcome :)

Maybe some cyberpunk-theme stuff (Shadowrun, etc.)?

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This http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/horse/latest/03124'>Storm Steed would be a most excellent addition to the Bonesium family. Also http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/horse/latest/03096#detail/03096_G'>this sculpt but I'm thinking that the flight post would have to be made out of the very stiff Bonesium in order to not have bending/tipping/leaning issues.



--OneBoot :D

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Regarding the price and use of Bones I would say that big and large models of any kind are ideal.


Furthermore I would really like to see some sets of warriors (mainly from Warlord) transformed into Bones. I saw that others already have mentioned that.


Some examples (more could be added):


























Some of them could be included in the Kickstarter as lone models and after the end of it to be sold in n boxes of 10 or more.


I would love to be able to form big units of them. Because at moment due to the metal material they are quite expensive to buy in big numbers.

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I would also love to see other pachyderm options - with, or without, riding gear. (African elephant, Mastodon, etc.)



I was thinking about that also. Woolly mammoths are cool, but mastodons and other prehistoric elephants would be great - ambelodon or deinotherium would be fantastic, as they look familiar, but have decidedly unfamiliar features. However, since I realize those would extremely unlikely to ever get made, I'd be satisfied with an african elephant, woolly mammoth, and a mastodon. Even those seem unlikely, unfortunately.

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If we are talking about what we want to see in Bones 2: Bone Hard with a Vengeance, then I would like to speak up for myself and other wargamers I know.


First of all, I understand that the "Vampire 2" pledge is unlikely to have any units or Chronoscope models in order to satisfy Reaper's core market, the RPG players. However, I feel that the stretch goal freebies or even paid add-ons should have a lot of units or Chronoscope, so that wargamers have a reason to pledge again this time around.


I suggest that Reaper offers a lot of the Warlord boxes of troops in Bones. If there is a hero in the same range, he can be sold separately as a character. Now, these units can be great for RPGers, too, as town guards, mooks, whatever, and a 10-pack for a decent price with 2 or 3 sculpts offers a lot of flexibility for both types of customer.


For example, if Reaper decided to tap the market that Mantic just created with terrific rules, and then lost with their clusterfailure of a Men at Arms sprue, while also appealing to Warhammer players and other fantasy players, then they could release the Overlord line.


First, the onyx models for that lawful evil/Basilean/Sigmarite Empire look.



Then there are missile troops:



And characters/heroes/captains/etc. (including mounted):







Now, I don't know which factions sell the best for Reaper, but I would expect that metal troops sales would probably be less of an indicator of what wargamers want than, say, commander sales, since wargamers are not going to have built blocks of 40 troops at metal prices, but probably will buy characters they like for armies they collect for Reaper's metal prices. In any event, I'm sure Reaper is fairly on top of the market research here. I suspect Nefsokar would do well in Bones among the Tomb Kings or Wargods of Aegyptus players. Lizardmen just need a few more models and some big beasts to finish out the line.


Monsters are also something that Reaper Bones does well. Very well. And wargamers love monsters at least as much as RPGers. However, wargamers want to be able to build units of ogres, trolls and werewolves. If Reaper added another 2 unique sculpts in line with their previous ogres and trolls (which is the wargaming standard for variety), wargamers would love them, painters would love them, and RPGers will probably pick up some for the variety or so they can differentiate rogue fire hill trolls from ranger fire mountain trolls. Throw in some more mount options, like a wyvern for orc players for example, and Reaper can capture the attention of all kinds of converters and counts-as players without alienating the RPG market.



The most important addition for the wargamers might be the hardest to sell Reaper on: Sci Fi. In wargaming, sci fi (futuristic or steampunk, but mostly futuristic) outsells fantasy by a wide margin. And wargamers tend to buy lots and lots of troops, i.e. multiples of the same 3 models. It's a fairly lucrative market if you can tap it. There is a golden opportunity right now: wargaming is between media. Metal is too expensive for troops, even for skirmish games. Restic is cheaper to make and to sell, but there is a lot of discontent in the market with all of the mold lines, warping and casting issues that tend to make restic minis such a pain. If reaper can give a lot of wargamers a reason to try out Bonesium minis, they might win them over. Bones also has a lot to offer as a proprietary media (like Trollcast for Trollforged) for prospective board games producers.


Not all sci fi needs to alienate the fantasy gamer. The frost Wyrm looks pretty alien. Sell him in a line with the astral mauler, Bathalien Primarch and such, and you've got a nice alien horde.


The Nova and IMEF lines are great so far, but could really use some special weapons (for Nova) and some more variety for IMEDF. Throw in a Bones General Drake (or his IMEF equivalent), and you've got the Imperial Guard players on your side.


The only thing missing is a Bones giant-sized mecha/enforcer droid for Bones giant prices.

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