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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #2

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Would like to see the other large or huge dragons in the BONES series: 10006: Gauth (ESPECIALLY Him), 10009: T'Raukzul, 10023: Stormwing, 10014 Cinder, and 10021: Viridius. They would be easy to transport for game night, and less likely to break.






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I'd love to see some military commander figures for rulers and generals/marshals. My royal court is packed with knights and wizards, but few kings, leaders, scribes, and advisory models (unarmed but well dressed). I'd love to see more characters inspired by the late renaissance/pre-napoleonic time period too.


oh, and these minis:




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Probably too late for consideration in this series, but:


Metal conversions:

- More setting-generic Savage Worlds (Indian Shaman [Female], Raven, Mad Scientist [Male and Female], Warlord Kang, Reverend Grimme, Automatons)

- Same for Chronoscope (Moroccan Merchant, Native American Chieftain, Socrates, The Fox, Zulu Warriors, Bearers & Porters)

- Chronoscope's Invisible Man in transparent plastic (we can paint his clothes ourselves)

- Mossbeard

- More Asian characters and monsters, e.g. Ogre Mage, any of several Samurai, Oriental Dragon

- All sorts of conversion kits: Weapons, wings, etc.



- Dinosaurs

- Pretty much anything in the d20 SRD you haven't done yet: Bulette, Tarrasque, several lycanthropes.

- More multi-packs of pack critters: wolves, drakes/lizards/microsaurs, etc.

- Other poltergeists, raggamoffyns, etc. that would work well in transparent plastic that we paint only partially ourselves

- This is kind of random and specific, but... a whole masquerade ball as a set would be pretty cool.

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I'd like to see:
unarmed figures in robes:
Aglanda, Herald of Razmir*
Queen of High Elves*
Jolie, Female Scribe
Siobhana, Vampire Noble
Children of the Zodiac: Libra
Kimberlee the Fair

Themed mages:
Tobias Winterhorn, Druid*
Lesser Elementals (water)*
Lurien, Ghost (your best air mage due to the clothes and hair blown in the wind)*
Pharess, Fire Sorceress
Thanis the Bonecaller
Strohm, Earth Sorcerer [bonus bigby's hand]

Angel of Shadow
Angel of Mercy
Angel of Radiance
Jophiel, Male Angel

Captain Griffon, Superhero

Martial Artists:
Jade Star, Female Monk
Chan Li, Martial Arts Master
Gungor, Half-Orc Monk
Burl Oakfist, Dwarf Monk

Scifi/Fantasy Mix (possibly in a Shadowrun-ish group):
Technic League Captain
Grace, Holy Assassin

Intimidating Humans
Kord the Destroyer, Barbarian
Reaper - War
Nadia of the Blade
Lars Ragnarson

CAV/Robot Supply Depot
So many good ones. They should have a growing addon for this line.


When we get more Pathfinder, I'd really like to see characters who lend themselves toward good or bad:
Aglanda, Herald of Razmir*
Technic League Captain
Hellknight Captain
Cleric of Calistria
Winter Witch
Velmarius Elazarin

Or make that set of cultists people were asking for:
Aglanda, Herald of Razmir
Velmarius Elazarin
Dwarven Pathfinder Grunt
Alicavniss Vonnarc
Hellknight Signifier
Kirin the Heretic
Khavith, Serpentfolk Evoker
Pactmaster of Katapesh

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Like many others, I'm enjoying the fact you're bringing out those huge dragons into Bones so that they're more affordable (and I like the lightweight plastic for painting.) My dream came true with Cinder.


That said...


- Gauth


- Can't go wrong with more dragons, I don't think. All sizes, shapes and descriptions.


- Unicorns, pegasi, hippocampus, griffons and other monsters which tend to be expensive because of the amount of metal content. There's one gorgeous battle unicorn and a griffon in the bones line, but I'd love to see more .


- Werewolves (particularly the more expensive ones in metal because they're big)


- More Dwarves. I know that sounds odd because there's dwarves in the Bones already, but compared to mobs of humans there doesn't seem to be that many in general. Male and female


- More male elf wizards added to existing Bones - there was a really nice one in the lead series. There's a lot of females, but it would be nice to see some more males for player character types.


- Most any kind of player characters (more please, you're doing great!)


- Some more like your dwarf druid with badger which are a little more unusual from the run of the mill paladin/fighter/wizard.


- More generic dungeon decor like tables, bookshelves, podiums, beds, knick-knacks, wizard circles, cauldrons, firepits, tents, chairs, tombstones, graves, and things like that.


- Decorative bases similar to your heroes and villians add on option. Having some of those which were free standing for us to paint and decorate for important figures would be dead useful. Bones are particularly easy for conversions and the removal of the base they came with because they're not metal.


- Prehistoric mammals and dinosaurs


- A peryton (I can dream)

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Was browsing the reaper catalouge when I came across http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/gor-gor/latest/02891'>the Gor-gor. Everyone should have one of these. I don't care if you have a use for him now. You'll come up with one, because he's awesome. He's so awesome that DMs should make campaigns just so they can put him in them, either as an NPC or a boss with which to wow there players.


POW! Gor-gor owns you all! end of campaign. *stunned player faces*

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The red and green ones were amazing, and the blue I am expecting to look just as incredible, but what about miniatures given a white/clear concept for air elementals and creatures of that subtype?

Savage Worlds




Dark Heaven Legends

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