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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #2

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I know it's late in the game but I would like mounted figures.

60014: Goblin Commando on Dog
14548: Bloodstone Gnome Beetle Lancer
02300: Dreyfus, Mtd Lancer
02385: Dwarven Bear Cavalry
02235: Vanessa Redstorm
14433: Ursula, Dwarven Bear Rider Captain
03096: Barros & Tempest, Paladin on Pegasus
14231: Templar Heavy Cavalry, Crusaders Adept
02212: Orc Riding Scorpion
02346: Anhurian Cavalryman
50289: Hound of Tindalos
50225: Zulu Warriors III
50102: Bearers and Porters

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Top Posters In This Topic

What I really want:

03570: Sabertooth Tiger
02480: Sabertooth Tiger
03589: Animal Companions
03021: Velociraptors

Others that would be nice:

02878: Dire Bear
03422: Dire Crocodile
03435: Dire Boar
14452: Dire Bear
02415: Dire Wolves

Essentially, I would like to see more animals!



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As long as we are wishing, I'd like to see:

Viridius (although I am not sure if the thin legs would rule it out as a good fit for bones)


Anhurians including these and these, would make great town guards.
More kobolds, please (including the 2 missing raiders) New sculpts would be fine too.
More Ben Siens lizardmen


Big living dragons - in the same scale as the bones Nethy and Kaladrax

More Warlord - specifically Reptus and Overlords

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How about the original Reapers?







Oh, and some of the Bones would work SO good done up in black instead of white. Especially skeletons. Get 'em black, unbend 'em, clean 'em, drybrush white, touch up weapon(s), armour, and/or shield, and DONE!

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Just perusing the Dark Haven line, and came up with some i'd like to see:

a group of Shark-Men, like Karnedge Gorefathom and other select Karkarions (if that is their species name)

This Praying Paladin is a very humble figure that I really like.

Since undead dragons are so popular, maybe Akar Nakhal would be a great premium figure. A bit small for a draco-lich though.

Mantis - men might be another good optional set, like Klichik, there's very few sculpts for them.

Now, this is too good to pass up: Yo dawg, we heard you like Bones, so we made Bones of your Bones, so you can... it kinda falls apart there, but you get the idea.

I'm always in favor of bundles of figures with common purpose, so these Bandits will make a neat set... especially if you can pair them with some town guard!

This guy looks so jolly... like he's about to eat... Frog Demon-nom nom nom!

I'm pretty sure people have already requested Wings be added to Bones lineup for easy customization, but these could be made in transparent (semi-transparent) bonsium for maximum awesome.

The Deathspinner Spider would make arachnophobia-suffering players crap themselves.

I really like Collin Coalshadow, Thief, for his dynamic pose.


well, that's the first 10 i found in dark haven-legends... but don't think that's all by any means.. you've got a massive catalog that is full of awesome stuff.

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NINJA ! ! ! ,,, you already have the zombie hord, you gotta have the pirate crew to combat them and well if you have pirates you have to have NINJA.


of course you can see the logic in this train of thought.

thanks for your consideration, (in hushed voice) the ahh payment will be in your office.

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Dwarves: the 1st KS had too few and I'd love more in the bones material. Reaper has quite the line of them in metal to pull from.

Mounted units and livestock: sure we got the henchman last go around, but where's the pack horse or that stuborn mule the town hag hauls everywhere? Where's my paladin's trusty steed, the army message rider or the dwarven bear riders?

Manticore: you almost had me with bully for you, but closer inspection shows the snake and goat heads. That's a chimera, where's my manticore!

Angels: well you've certainly brought the hordes of hell with this KS, so where's our angelic allies? Our winged friends should make a show to help combat that horde!

Basilisk: classic monster, enough said.

Genies: because efreeti and djinns can be central to great quest line roleplay as much as fun foes to face.

and lastly,
Automatons or clockwork golems: any size will do, works just as well for sci fi as fantasy. Maybe they're the steampunk factory workers gone mad. Maybe they're the creations of the gnoll who's too smart for the world he lives in. Maybe they're inevitables. Either way, they belong in bones.


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