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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #2

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My humble suggestions




The stone bases from the above, not only would they be used as bases, but also to quickly make detailed dungeon floor tiles, cut foamcore to desired size and glue on bones dungeon squares.




Rank and File sodiers, I know reaper has never really been the go to for army building, but the bones material would be great for that, I think some anhurians, and some dwarven/elven/etc soldiers would really be swell, most of the hero miniatures shown so far don't really double as rank and file troops, but lots of the monsters would be suitable for this already.




The orc on the right please, this is a personal request, because I really like these orcs, and having the fur armored archer in bones without the fur armored swordsmen gives me a sad.

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What I'd like to see is more Halfling/Gnomes/Dwarves. Always seems like the selection is small for them...
Also want the 'bit' conversion stuff....








Something that lets us REALLY take advantage of the easy conversions of the plastic vs. Metal!!! Maybe some wings, the musical instruments... lots of fun stuff to play with.


Also BIG things. Nothing is as fun to Paint for me as the BIG monsters. Cthulu and Kaladrax were the first two I jumped on with the last bones... and I'm eyeing that Kraken right now ;)



Also... animals. The fun generic type of things like the wolves and lions... maybe some horses and knights...

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I'd love to see:


Balathians (Including a Primarch or Exarch and the AMAZING Hound of Tindalos)(Which I'm tempted to get in metal as its so good.)

Generic bogstop type Human Warriors.

DINOSAURS!! Lots and lots of Dinosaurs. The CollectA range looks fantastic and they'd be great as bones figures.


I just registered to say this. ::):


The first Kickstarer was amazing - the second is going to be as good.

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Dwarves....Angels....Basilisk....Genies....Automatons or clockwork golems.


+1 for all of these.


Also halflings and gnomes in addition to dwarves. There are sooooo many elves and humans already. Small folk definitely need a bit more love. I'd love to see a bunch of small-sized "evil villains".


Celestials of any kind, including angels, would be awesome.


If we get the stony eyed stare of the basilisk I think I'd also like to get a cockatrice (or maybe two, since I believe they're usually small, about the size of a chicken)


If we get genies (djin & effrit) then I'd also like to see other middle-eastern styled costumes a-la Aladin or Sinbad, and perhaps some appropriate dungeon dressing - e.g. a magic lamp and a flying carpet.

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Reaper has included nearly everything on my major Bones wishlist so far, and I have faith that at least one more will show up before the end! :)


Still on my major wishlist:


1) More halflings and/or gnomes!

2) Pack pony (our group tends to keep forgetting that we have one...)

3) http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/pumpkin/sku-down/03377'>Rotpatch, Pumpkin Golem

4) Grim Reaper of some sort


I think the first two are probably the most likely, but given the Halloween-ish nature of the last two, I haven't given up hope yet! :)



--OneBoot :D

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