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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #2

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I want a gazebo.


I did some searching around online, and there weren't any I could find that tickled my fancy the way http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1093338811/medieval-village-for-28mm-gamers'>this one does.


I mean, it looks like an ordinary gazebo, but the subtle addition of that face really kicks the awesome level up to 11. ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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My aquanaut wish list is a party that could just as easily be used on dry land:
elf Wizard casting a spell with clothes and hair fluttering in the current/air
human Cleric floating while praying (supported by cloak/dress)
half orc Fighter in a full suit of armor (like bioshock but with this punching dagger: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/melee/latest/14089)
dwarf theif darting to the side so their clothes flow with the motion
halfling monk hands searching the seabed while kicking as if swimming or doing a flip
Lesser Elementals (water)


Pathfinder Town set:
Clegg http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Pathfinder/sku-down/60140
Captain http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/latest/60127
Herald http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/latest/60136
Vistabarnetess http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/opera/sku-down/60036
Merchant http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Pathfinder/sku-down/60133
Trinia Sabor http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Pathfinder/sku-down/60102


Female adventuring party:
Sora Goldflame, Female Cleric http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/paladin/latest/03283
Majestrix Latissula, Darkreach Warlord http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/melee/latest/14606
Theda, Mercenaries Cleric http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/melee/latest/14346
Aundine, Darkspawn Solo http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/melee/latest/14089
Jade Star, Female Monk http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/melee/latest/02629
Gars Necka, Mercenaries Mage http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/cleric/release/14330#detail/14330_garsnecka_r

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Any Kind of Linnorm

Darius Finch (Gallery of Evil Game Mastery Module)

Refined Reaver (NPC Codex)

Meliski Traundor (NPC Codex, Dwarf Gambler)

Divine Hunter (Elf Illustration, Ultimate Combat)

Mounted Version of Alain The Cavalier

Squire (Knights of the Inner Sea)

Andoran Falconer ( Andoran Setting book)



Dark Haven Apocalypse :

Prince Nicholas of Anhur, old or new sculpt (Especially Tim Talin's art of him back in Casketworks)

Hurin the Just

Prince Denethorr of Haldor

Angus Stormhand



Bladesinger Sister

Niriodel, Elven Cleric

Sigurd, Mercenary Sgt.

Shad, Mercenary Rogue





Townsfolk Ideas for different settings,

Perfect for a Greek adventure http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Chronoscope/sku-down/50135

Now this is a tavern wench I would love to have more of http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Chronoscope/sku-down/50118

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Might be time to close this one until after the KS and start a third one.

I thought about it. I still might.

Take the KS discussion to the KS Thread.



This is the current thread for Bones minis we would like to see.


* As the compiler of the data in the thread, I have a request, please don't spend a lot of posts on off topic chatter in this thread, it makes my compiling harder.


* it would make compiling this into a list much. much easier if your post included a brief list of your request at the beginning and then you follow with the paragraphs of text you wish to explain your requests. When clear items are not easily found, they may not make the list that gets forwarded.


* Warlord Game expansions that is requests for specific models for Warlord are encouraged to be made in the Warlord Forums. Warlord Models are part of Game Development and not part of Fantasy Line Development.


Off Topic Chatter and general sillyness will be removed.


thank you.

this reminder seems appropriate.

thread is being moderated.

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I mis-posted this before... so here's more fun ones.


The Exotic Idol is the kind of thing you might only get to use once... but it'd be a *story*.

This Orc Matron and Brood is the ideal thing for every DM who has ever wanted to recreate the "Orc Babies, wat do" test.

Last time we got a bat swarm, now how about a Murder of Crows next?

For oriental adventures, might I request the Samurai?

The Pillory And Kids is just amusing, plus, child minis!

Golgoth The Ancient is so metal it makes me headbang spontaneously.

I've probably said this before but... everything in the Conversion category, please.

I really like Rhauga, Lich-Sage, because he's a kind of lich we don't see often enough: one wearing some damn clothing. He dresses like a wizard, not a skeletal floozy. The blasted hole in his robe would also be a great way to inform players that Dangalf has been undead this whole time...

Corim The Kestrel is another great magic-user, in mid-casting of a spell with a nifty overhead magical arc.

These Darkspawn Cultists are 99.404% tentacles. Good sign of elder forces at work.

The Female Undead add some much needed diversity to the usually-naked, gender-neutral, skeletal masses.

If we can't have Dreyfus, the mounted lancer, can we have his horse? Both are excellent minis, and have a low-level PC vibe.

St. Tarkus, Dire Dead is a Lich-pope. Full stop. How can you not like a lich-pope?

I actually have the Lizard Hunting Pack... but i'd love to have another group in Bones!

Lord Strongheart looks like he came off the cover of a particularly dark romance novel.

Sir Roland and Sir Justin complement each other.

This mage, Cobart... it just has personality. Plus, open books are fun to work with.

I also own Sir Malbeth Blackhawk (funny what you find going back through the catalog) he's long been my favorite PC mini.

Tsuko, male monk, because we don't have enough bare-chested martial artists.

and finishing out this post, the Hooked Terror, because SKREEEEE!!!

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A list of some existing sculpts I'd love to see at least some of in Bones:


Arabian Characters & Monsters:

  • 02433: Omar Al-Kafour
  • 60052: Almah, Merchant Princess
  • 02497: Jasmine Silverveil
  • 02970: Rasia, Bladedancer
  • 14335: Sielendria, Spell Sister
  • 03075: Sorceress on Flying Carpet (!!!)
  • 14253: Khamsin Lancer, Nefsokar Adept
  • 02426: Aziz Al-Jawar
  • 03531: Nalani, Dancing Girl (also a good substitute as a Romani dancer)
  • 02448: Dancing Girls (ditto)
  • 03515: Mi-Sher, Dervish Warrior
  • 02297: Kaballah the Colossus
  • 02439: Urji, Arab Pirate
  • 03241: Aroudj Firebeard
  • 02447: Sallah, Arabian Hero
  • 02586: Nabin, Desert Ranger
  • 14318: Cleric of Ishnar, Mercenaries Cleric
  • 14314: Arik Tallazar, Mercenaries Hero
  • 02388: Jalahandra Warrior
  • 02396: Jalahandra Warrior
  • 14129: Mi-Sher, Nefsokar Sergeant
  • 02406: Shadow Assassin
  • 03254: Naseer, Genie of Hakir
  • 02927: Hassan, Genie
  • 03322: Efreeti Emir
  • 02436: Kazala The Efreet
  • 14245: Dust Devil, Nefsokar Monster


Oriental Characters & Monsters

  • 59028: Warlord Kang
  • 03460: DHL Classics: Samurai
  • 60083: Nakayama Hayato, Samurai
  • 60097: Jade Regent
  • 50261: Kawa, Sumo Wrestler
  • 50190: Chan Li, Martial Arts Master
  • 03058: Mika, Female Samurai
  • 50260: Xiufang, Femme Fatale
  • 60086: Ameiko Kaijitsu
  • 60084: Reiko, Ninja
  • 02783: Xiao Liu, Female Monk
  • 03133: Scarlet Lotus, Female Monk
  • 02847: Jade Tiger, Monk
  • 03081: Edo, Male Ninja
  • 03524: Masaki, Ronin
  • 02533: Toshiro Male Ronin
  • 14356: Haranobu, Okuran Ronin Captain
  • 14338: Okuran, Mercs

  • 02486: Ogre Mage

  • 02487: Giant Foo Dog

  • 02794: Oriental Dragon (Dragon!)

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Probably a bit late for this since the kickstarter 2 is well underway. Still it was suggested that I post my wishlist here so I'll do so:


Dark Heaven:


Golgoth the Ancient, Skeletal Knight
Efreet Emir
Scorpion Man
Darkspawn Cultist and Minion
Astral Mauler
Giant Snake
Clawed Devil
Well Of Doom
Cavern Worm
Ogre Mage
Scourge Devil



Darkspawn Imp
Ashakia, Darkspawn
Guros, Darkspawn Captain
Reven Cyclops and Goblin Mage

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