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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #2

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More pose variants for basic kobolds


More pose variants for Orcs


The bookcase from the Bones II kickstarter, but sculpted variants so we can have a room with multiple bookcases that don't all look the same


More dungeon decor, more pillars of various types, candleabra and large candle stands, shield to mounth on wals, mounted fierce animal heads


A desk with a spell book on it, and a desk with alchemical equipment, a desk with woodworking tooks, stuff to fill a blackmith shop


Treasure piles of various types. This should have been an add-on to the Bones II kickstarter


A bones pack of skulls, and another sprue of weird skulls like orc and ogre skulls.


The Jock/Chick/Nerd from Chronoscope,re-released in Bones.


Modern zombies, a sprue of 5 on a sprue, or even more poses


The larger cavalry figures from Warlord, released in Bones


14059 Darkspawn Spawn released in Bones, if only because it makes a good sci-fi monster for futuristic games.


More large Bathalians, or figures like it. They also make good sci-fi baddies.


More IMEF marines. I was upset to see none were made for the Bones II kickstarter.




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You know what else I'd like to see? Some PCs and creatures inspired by India and Hindu mythology. There's a country in my campaign world that is loosely based on India, and I've discovered there just aren't that many figures that really fit that vibe. (Some of the Arabian ones could stand in, but they really aren't quite right).


Just some of the hindu deities would be cool, like the following, as must have extra body parts - multiple arms, multiple faces - or have an animal aspect

  • Kali
  • Ganesh (Elephant God)
  • Hanuman (Monkey God)
  • Shiva
  • Brahma
  • Vishnu

And men and women wearing traditional garb at all levels of society/caste.

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And you know what ELSE I'd like to see?


Tree Monsters

  • 14209: Mossbeard, Elven Monster
  • 14622: Sildoran Protector

Also the following sets:

  • 10025: Savage Beauty
  • 03454: DHL Classics: Fire Wizards
  • 03448: DHL Classics: Female Barbarians
  • 06193: Mercenary Okuran Ronin
  • 03233: Townsfolk: Children
  • 02950: Townsfolk VII: Clergy
  • 03165: Townsfolk IX: Town Guard
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This KS has shown me that one of those "things that I want that I didnt know I wanted" is Things With Wings.


Specifically, these would be nice:

  • 02741: Fairies & Nymph (Id be happy with just the fairies... the nymph doesnt have wings ^_^)
  • 03410: Dragon Familiar
  • 02923: Princess of Hell
  • 02760: Jalinrix, Female Devil
  • 03264: Roderic Ambermead and Glitter, Halfling on Dragon
  • 14080: Guardian Angel, Crusaders Solo
  • 06204: Elf Fairies
  • 03096: Barros & Tempest, Paladin on Pegasus
And maybe
  • 03459: Angel of Justice
  • 03314: Angel of Radiance
  • 14434: Darkspawn Succubus
(Im guessing the two mounted figures would probably need to be versions with something other than lances, to suit Bonesium.)
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While at Reaper this weekend my daughter begged me to buy her the 10007: Guardians of the Heavens set. If I weren't under strict orders not to spend any more money at Reaper I would have gotten it for her. I know we got some angels in KS2, but it wasn't these Sandra Garrity classics. So it never hurts to have an entire host of Heavens on the ready to battle all those deamons. :)



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Given the thread is now 27 pages long I haven't checked to see if it's been suggested previously, but separate riders to go with the calvary, and maybe usable to make conversions (a male dragon rider in particular). How about conversion kits in Bones, and expand the palette to include tieflings and mindflayers (the bathalian heads available are all the same sculpt). Weapon sets. And given the affordable price, maybe more terrain pieces. A set of sarcophagi with interchangeable lids would be nice (mix and match would allow for many more variants).

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MODs, if you'd rather this thread not get started, please delete. Otherwise:


Since we have (or will have) received an avalanche of Bones between Kickstarters 1 & 2, I thought a new BYLTS thread was in order, since many of the previous requests have seen reality. Now we can start fresh with what we would like to see Reaper put out in the Bones line, now that it is getting closer to self-sustaining and they may not do a KS3.


Tops of my list that we haven't seen yet:


air elementals

Pharaoh Dragon



Mithrangul (sp?)

More Warlord

More cavalry (Warlord and non)

More villagers

Frost giant grunts


I'll think of more later.

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The same ideas I'be added in all the previous assorted Bones We'd Like To See Threads:



Supply and treasure laden pack mules/horses and carts/wagons.

More Mouselings.

More scenic bases. (Including those for scifi)

More giants from the existing lines.

I also want Giant Giants! Think C'thulu sized or larger.

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