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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #2

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You could probably get something like that on amazon, etc for a decent price, and just paint it up how you like (Tiamat?).


That’s exactly what I did. But I would have preferred a Bones figure. Bones are less heavy and fragile (not to mention cheaper). But anyway Tiamat is the last boss of my campaign and the party is still level 13, so there is enough time for Reaper to make something similar. (Please Reaper listen to my plea).

I know I’m not the only DM who dreams of ending his campaign with an epic battle against a boss of gigantic proportions, but to make it work you need a “mini” that fits the roll really well. Bones are an ideal alternative for gigantic monster. I would also buy versions of Io, Demogorgon, Bahamut, Ogrémoch, Granamyr the Wise (the old dragon from He-Man), Rancor (from Star Wars), Kraken (Clash of the Titans look), a giant Worm (even larger than Maashaf), Jörmungandr (Sea Serpent), Astral dreadnought and a Viking Ship.

Also there are some creature’s types, that might not as big, but that bones can do better than any other material, especially translucent ones like angles (made of energy like the ones in D&D), phoenix, archons, efreet, djinn (made of clouds), etc.

And creatures that just lack a good mini like sphinx’s, unicorns, manticores and a legless hydra come to mind.

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Back to BONES we'd like to see: Agree on the serpent men. Not something I would use any time soon, but those would be good sellers.


I would also like to seriously second the request for firemen, police and hazmat suits from the previous page. Was just looking for hazmat suits, and really don't want to dish out what they want for metal minis. (Not when I want to have 12 or 15 on the table at a time.)

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