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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #2

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I'd really, really like to see the rest of  Tre Manor's frost giants from the p-65 line make it to bones.  65100 and 65111 would be awesome to have on the table with the full group of Bones Fire Giants I have (and I'm buying two more of each of the warriors... they're just so cool).  That's probably my biggest wish for the Bones line at this point, outside of that, Reaper can keep doing what they're doing because it's awesome.


It's the only thing on my Bonesification wish list that didn't make it in this KS.


I'll have to dig through the catalogue and see if I can't come up with something more.

Dire animals would certainly be cool. A dire wolf, dire bear and a dire warthog or something would make a nice stretch for Bones III :P

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Oh, believe me I know that there's a griffon already. Believe you me, I know. Bur I need more. It's... It's a thing. But riders in general, too - we got some nice-looking cavalry this KS, but I'd like:


A Gryphon w/ rider

A Dragon w/ rider

A pair of Pegasii w/ riders

A bareback rider or two - perhaps an elf on a rearing unicorn/riding a unicorn sidesaddle? Something a bit less General What's-his-pants, a little more wild spirit?

Goblins riding Warg/Goblins on beetles

A mounted archer standing in the saddle  - a Plains-Indian style figure, perhaps? With braids in the horses mane and a shirtless/leatherclad rider? Like this, but in an action pose: http://i821.photobucket.com/albums/zz139/Ojibwa/Boston/Boston%20Monuments/DSCN4314.jpg. Or this: http://cache.desktopnexus.com/thumbnails/342285-bigthumbnail.jpg...

Halflings/gnomes/dwarves on riding dogs/ponies. Srsly. Why is the riding dog like the go-to mount for small-sized characters, and yet I come across so few sculpts for it? I mean, dogs, sure, there are loads. But people on dogs? Nope. Dwarves on bears? It's a super-cool mini, sure, but I am not letting the level 4 dwarven cleric have a pet bear that she rides. And don't get me started on ponies. Dwarf on a pony? Pls? Gnome on a dog? Like, a dog dog, a newfie or a pitt bull or rottie or doberman or something, not a wolf?


Actually, I'd like a few scent hounds too. I'd like to be able to portray a band of hunters/mercenaries/people pursuing the party with actual dogs, not wolves. Bloodhound's'd be great - a little group of three or five, enough that they could run alongside the horses in a unicorn hunt or be sent into the sewers after the party...

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I know the sci-fi crowd tends to take a back seat (at least vocally) towards the fantasy crew, but I would like to see the following.


Soldiers in Hazmat Gear

Bomb Disposal Techs (those huge padded suits..)

28mm Flying Drones (minigun version (or whatever) and a sensor/medic version) ... sci-fi not like modern drones..

Space Pirates (think Firefly not Capt Hook with a laser gun)

Spaceship crew with tools (preferably both standing around and also looking like they're working on things)

Spaceship crew loading cargo

Gunner of Heavy Weapon Platform (something that could be attached to the back of a truck or a wall mount or similar

Pilots/Drivers.. something we can put into vehicles that have empty seats for 28mm butts..

Sci-Fi troops with anti-gravity packs (more like the things in Tron or Killzone than GW's huge rockets on a backpack idea)


Thanks for reading :)

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^^^What he said!


I really would like some more sci-fi Bones, and not just CAV! While I play pretty much exclusively fantasy, I'll admit that I do get tired of orcs, gnolls and goblins after a while. Give me some weirdness - bug-aliens and space marines, superheroes, more Chronoscope - and I'll be happy! I'd love more stuff like the Dungeon Monsters from this campaign, or the tentacle dudes from E#3 - really weird monsters that don't look like earth creatures! And some nice space marine's'd be great - time travellers, bizarre artificers in magic armor - I can think of half a dozen things to do with them that'd be awesome.


I like fantasy, and I hope any future KS keep it going, but I'd really like some diversity too. Maybe instead of nine more skeletons next time (not that they weren't appreciated, but there's enough now, right?) five or six insectoid alien monsters? Or a team of bounty-hunters? Space mercenaries & a captain? Space-sharks?

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yeeeeees! Space Sharks. :devil:


Besides which, our next campaign will be going into space. So I need spacey fantasy thingies. Pretty please ^_^



Spelljammer type stuff would be cool or do you mean futuristic fantasy space stuff (Warlord of Mars type thing)?

Yes, Spelljammer. That is exactly what I was meaning. I just couldn't remember the name.

Like, for example, some of these Astral Reavers done up as space pirates.
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I honestly don't remember if I've requested this before, so...I'll say it (possibly again):


I would like a Grim Reaper / Angel of Death.


In Bones.


I find it exceedingly peculiar that Reaper does not, in fact, have any reapers in Bones. There's Mr. Bones, sure, but they have him with a shovel instead of a scythe. I was expecting at least one to show up in KS2, but to my everlasting puzzlement, one did not.


So, at least one Reaper, please, Reaper!  ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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