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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #2

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Some backers of the Cthulhu Wars KS want to make their own fan factions, and would like miniatures to help them do this!


Human faction: Investigator miniatures.

More Mythos factions: Cultists


Reaper has some darn nice cultist figures...



And investigators:



I'd like to see some modern-day figures to finish up my Arkham Horror miniature bling: Cultists, Warlocks, Witches, and Axe murders. Fun for the whole family!


Ghoul Witch and Greka:


Some more good investigators (but Reaper definitely needs more female ones!):







EDIT: Found a couple more women:



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Top Posters In This Topic

Slimes, oozes, and jellies - in translucent colors.


Giant slug... because the real things make me shudder. (Not a scared shudder, more of a Yuck! shudder. Ever step on a slug with your bare foot? I have....)


More giant bugs of all sorts.



I would love to see more classic D&D/Pathfinder monsters such as Bugbears, Hobgoblins, slimes and oozes, stirges, bats, and the like. But the things I want the most are all of the Dragons in each of the sizes they come in.

Wow... looks like we were both posting about slimes and oozes at the same time....


Jelly fish and giant octopuses. (Yes, octopuses, not octopi.... :P )


Sharks and weresharks.


Goroloth -


Aboleths are among the big baddies in Pathfinder....


The Auld Grump

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This guy. I want to see this guy as a Bones mini, because then I'd be able to actually afford him, and he's a wicked awesome sculpt. ::):



--OneBoot :D

You're in luck! He was in the Kickstarter, as part of the "Demons" add-on, and will be available as soon as the backers have all received their rewards.

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This guy. I want to see this guy as a Bones mini, because then I'd be able to actually afford him, and he's a wicked awesome sculpt. ::):



--OneBoot :D

You're in luck! He was in the Kickstarter, as part of the "Demons" add-on, and will be available as soon as the backers have all received their rewards.



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I'll pile on to the suggestions for more humanoids, both male and female, orcs, goblins, gnoll, etc. I would, however, like to see at least a few obviously non-combatant types for each group. It would be great to have a few children and elderly of each type to add in to the mix for villages.


I'd also like to see bones underdark races and critters. More drow, bathalians, duergar, and deep gnomes plus a variety of associated monsters.

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Nazis. Lots of Nazis. I need more period villains.



More mook/army units in general. Goblins, orcs, hobgoblins, cavalry, knights, etc.



Dragon Turtles. Everyone should have 2 different ones in Bones.


A male cloud giant (Bishonen, anyone?) and female storm giant.


more "monster" sentient races with equiptment like they're adventurers. Armored goblins/kobolds, Orc Shamans and wizards, etc.



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I agree for the need of more animals, I compiled a list:


Animals & Beasts in various poses

02830: Wolf Pack - I wouldnt mind seeing new models for these

03490: Warg

60020: Droogami, Snow Leopard

02776: Male & Female Lion

New Model - tiger

14453: Elven Hunting Cat

P03456A: Bear

03479: Murder of Crows

New Model - Snake


Dire Beasts

02415: Dire Wolves

03570: Sabertooth Tiger

14452: Dire Bear

14086: Giant Eagle <- I cant point this out enough, such a beautiful model

02889: Dire Rats

02527: Dire Boar

03422: Dire Crocodile

02675: Giant Snake


Domestic Animals

Horse with Saddle

Horse without Saddle

Pony with Saddle

Donkey with packs



I have compiled a few lists on the first thread (here & here) of miniatures Id like to see, mostly focusing on creatures not currently seen in the bones collections. As I have said before, I think the place Bones really works well is large monsters and monsters you'd want a lot of (such as the skeletons) for campaigns. In metal a GM has trouble affording these but Bones makes it easier.


However, if Reaper were to do another Kickstarter for Bones (please, please, please!) I think they would still need to put in more character models to appeal to a broader audience. With that in mind, I have compiled another list (I am bored and have spent time trawling Reaper's website) of Character models that were mostly not covered in the KS. Such as monks, half orcs, and different race/class combos:


Mounted "Bad Guy" Characters

03357: Golgoth the Ancient, Skeletal Knight

02212: Orc Riding Scorpion

14189: Goblin Beast Rider,Reven Adept

02696: Charon (Not technically a mount but seemed the best place to put it)

14568: Bata, Beetle Rider Captain (For the amusement factor)

New Model - Black Knight mounted on a live horse


Character Models

60016: Sajan, Iconic Monk

60064: Nature Warden

03046: Aaron the Conjuror

14594: Avrix Dirthe, Dark Elf Champion

60083: Nakayama Hayato, Samurai

02952: Baeldrinahr, Rogue Fighter

60106: Pathfinder Explorer

02629: Jade Star, Female Monk

14089: Aundine, Darkspawn Solo

03294: Tobias Winterhorn, Druid

02959: Marius Burrowell, Gnome Thief

03044: Burl Oakfist, Dwarf Monk

02934: Wood Elf King

03433: Corim the Kestrel, Gnome Sorcerer

New Model - Human Male holding a 2-handed Sword

New Model - Halfling Female with Bow


Set of Half-Orc Characters such as:

- 03278: Rogan, Half-orc thief

- 14043: Lurg, Reven Solo

- 02946: Neroli, Female Half Orc

- New Model of Half-Orc caster


"Bad Guy/Evil" Character Models

60145: Luvick Siervage

03100: Thanis the Bonecaller

60103: Anti Paladin

02886: Dark Creeper

60118: Hellknight: Order of the Pyre

50061: Professor L.T. Froschmeister, Scientist


Victims & Corpses

03518: Dead Man's Chest

03262: Beetle Swarm and Victim

Victims from 02784: Giant Spider & Victims

2-3 New Models - Fallen Heroes (various classes/races)

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I would love to see a Heroes Pack, for want of a better term, with male and female versions of the core classes and races. I ended up buying a female gnome bard to stand in as the female halfling paladin as despite halfling paladins being crazy popular, there was no female one I could find using the search tool.


And please, if new sculpts are required, could they be done without boob-plate, crazy cleavage or chain mail bikinis (not that reaper has done those recently to the best of my knowledge)? I, and the women I DM for, would really appreciate it.

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