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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #2

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Picked up Tales of the Arabian Nights boardgame, so would like to see some suitable fantasy Arabian miniatures. Thanks!


EDIT: Here're the figures for Tales. I see Reaper has an Arabian boxed set at a good price, but it only has *one* female miniature. Maybe Reaper should have "boxed" sets of its Bones miniatures, similar to the update and extra sets in the Bones KS campaigns?



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Sorry if these are repeats..




Flame Salamander (big snake men)

Yuan-Ti types


Also.. I like the Battleguard Golem.. it's got a Warforged thing going on.. would like to see more of that and a clockwork dog along the lines of an Iron Defender.


(if people are feeling overly pedantic, assume that anything DnD has the obligatory "not" in front of it)

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Whenever I've asked for a Bones version of one of the big metal dragons like Gauth, ReaperBryans answer has always been "Wouldn't you prefer something even better?"


Gotta say. So far he hasn't been wrong. :;):

Why yes, I would prefer something better. After Gauth (specifically).  :blues:

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I'd love to see the following in bones!


Birdman (for the Aarakocra, way better looking than the new D&D mini IMHO)

Scuttlebones (a nice unique sculpt)

Dead Man's Chest (a really cool piece)

Pack Donkey (no plastic options for a mini like this anywhere that I know of)

Giant Snake (I've been wanting a snake that looks right on a large base for a while)


Any of the following accessories, which I'd love multiples of for dungeon dressing, etc.

Adventuring Accessories

Adventuring Accessories II

Magic Treasures

Magic Treasure II

Magic Treasure III

Treasure Hoard I

Treasure Hoard II


Any of the fantasy Weapons Packs for Bones conversions.

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In case this hasn't been mentioned in a while.... ALL the existing metal giants in BONES form, especially those frost giants. PLEASE.


Further to that, a zombie giant would be great. I missed the opportunity to get one of Mantic's resin 3-up zombies to use as a zombie giant, and nobody seems to make undead giants that aren't skeletal.

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