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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #2

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Hobgoblins (like the Jason Wiebe 03040)

female heroes with weapons other than swords/staves (and not just female dwarves)

some suggestions:

    scythe: 60088 or 03222

    axe: 14018 or 01294 or the kyrie figure from 12 days of reaper

    hammer: 14519 and a non-dwarf with a hammer would be good

    mace: 03347 and 14482

    spear: 14600 


Other cool minis of lower priority that I'd pick up were they in bones:

ice toad (03464)

dire crocodile (03422)

giant cobra (03679)

giant snake (03676)

dwarf miner sgt (14406)

stag lord (60073)

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One thing I've realized as a Game Master is that I was always in need of mob monsters. Essentially a big number of low level encounters.


We're pretty well served with skeletons, zombies, orcs, goblins, kobolds and quite a few futuristic squad troopers. And with Anhurian troops we're getting a decent town guard type of group.


What I'm looking for now would be packs of rogue thugs, ninja clans, martial artist students, and more angry peasant mobs. Not just individual blisters, but a box of thematically similar minis.

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I picked up the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game sets, and would REALLY like to see Bones versions of all the characters.


I see Paizo has prepainted mini's for PACG, but I'd like to get them in one fell KS rather than hunt them down individually!


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Tetisurah, the druid from the Mummy's Mask AP who is on the cover of shifting sands.


I'd thought posting this under Pathfinder minis you'd like to see, but figured she's a gynosphinx and probably would be a little pricey in metal.

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Since D&D 5E giants are back to the 2E sizes ( Hill 16', Stone & Fire 18', Frost 21'),  perhaps Reaper can dust off the enormous classic looking giants and get them in white plastic for Bones KS III.

02579: Blorg, Hill Giant - 02599: Frorigh, Frost Giant - 02647: Gunther, Fire Giant





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A good mix of of races and genders to cover all the basic player character combinations.


At minimum I'd want a male and female mini of a warrior type (fighter/paladin/cavalier in heavy armor), priest type (cleric/druid/oracle in medium armor), rogue type (rogue/bard/alchemist in light armor), and caster type (wizard/sorcerer/witch in no armor) for northland humans (vikingish), midland humans (standard fantasy), southland humans (middle eastern/north african style), dwarves, elves, gnomes/halflings, and orcs.


So generally I'd like to see more non-Europeans and female orcs. I also would like a female dwarf caster and a male gnome/halfling warrior. A female hill giant would be really nice too.


PS. Oh ya and lots of townsfolk/villagers too. I need to populate my town.

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Horses (No riders)

  • Riding with Saddle
  • No Saddle
  • With Pack for Adventuring
  • War, with Armor


Other Animals

  • Pig
  • Cow
  • Mule
  • Cat
  • Dogs, Attack
  • Dogs, Pets



  • Cars (I cant find any the right scale)
  • Trucks
  • Wagon (medieval)
  • Beds
  • Tents (2 and 4 man)



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Farm animals and furnishing would be pretty darn useful. Someday I want to build a whole town to use as a home base for my PCs. So I'll need lots of varied townsfolk and furnishing and such.

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I went ahead and made a checklist to see exactly what I would still like to see added in order to cover all the basic PC combinations.

Thought I'd share it as some people might find it helpful/interesting.

Warriors = Fighters, Paladins, Cavaliers, etc.

Priests = Clerics, Druids, Oracles, etc.

Specialist = Rogues, Rangers, Bards, etc.

Caster = Wizards, Sorcerers, Witches, etc.




- male warrior: 77074 Dain

- female warrior: 77073 Freja

- male priest: ?

- female priest: ?

- male specialist: 77133 Gruff

- female specialist: 77072 Bailey

- male caster: 77075 Khael

- female caster: ?



- male warrior: 77044 Turanil

- female warrior: 77070 Aviriel

- male priest: ?

- female priest: 77036 Devona

- male specialist: 77071 Elladan

- female specialist: 77035 Deladrin

- male caster: 77092 Elquin

- female caster: 77076 Lysette



- male warrior: ?

- female warrior: 77164 Elliwyn

- male priest: ?

- female priest: ?

- male specialist: 77165 Hellakin

- female specialist: 77167 Ingrid

- male caster: 77166 Balto

- female caster: 77031 Cassie


Northern Humans

- male warrior: 77061 Kord

- female warrior: 77052 Aina

- male priest: ?

- female priest: ?

- male specialist: ?

- female specialist: 77062 Deenah

- male caster: 77040 Satheras

- female caster: 89008 Feiya


Midland Humans

- male warrior: 77063 Gerard

- female warrior: 77077 Finari

- male priest: ?

- female priest: ?

- male specialist: 77030 Danar

- female specialist: 77022 Michelle

- male caster: 89013 Ezren

- female caster: 89006 Seoni


Southern Humans

- male warrior: ?

- female warrior: ?

- male priest: ?

- female priest: ? Kyra (which only seems to be on the Pathfinder site?)

- male specialist: ?

- female specialist: ?

- male caster: ?

- female caster: ?


So… specifically there still needs to be a female dwarf caster, male gnome/halfling warrior, male vikingish ranger type, and clerics & non-European types in general.

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I play a kobold synthesist (a version of the Pathfinder Summoner class,) which means when he summons his dragon-shaped eidolon, he rides around inside of it. So, I want a clear dragon figure with a kobold inside of it. I'm picturing something like the gelatinous cube, only a dragon.


Not that I expect this to ever get made. :)

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