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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #2

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Farm Animals (cow, pig, sheep, goat, chickens)


Mammalian Familiars (dog, badger, rabbit, hedgehog, squirrel, monkey)

Avian Familiars (owl, raven, thrush, parrot, toucan, dodo)

Amphibian & Reptile Familiars (dwarf caiman, snake, lizard, toad, turtle, salamander)

Aquatic Familiars (sting ray, small shark, large fish, eel, octopus, crab)


Animal Companions 2 (pony, boar, deer, ram, chimp) [all "medium" sized]

Animal Companions 3 (alligator, snake, lizard, giant frog, shark) [all "medium" sized]


Large Animals: Horse, Dire Boar, Stag, Large Bear, Crocodile, Giant Snake, Giant Lizard, Giant Toad, Great White

Megafauna: Rhinoceros, Elephant

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Some of those already exist, Arikiel. Have you searched the online Reaper store?


I saw a good number of these in metal. I'm hoping to see them in Bones though.


Having a mixed collection would bug me and the only reason I started collecting is because I could justify it thanks to the more manageable prices of the Bones line. Never actually thought I'd bother using anything more then paper pawns before now.


Anywho! Other things I'd like to see are…..


The Primary Missing Devil Types: Bearded, Barbed, Horned

More Good Outsiders (Angels/Archons): Large Male Angel (Solar), Shield Archon, Hound Archon, etc.

More Fey Types (Azata/Eladrin): Satyr, Nymph, Fey Hound, Bralani, Lillend, etc.

Outsider Alternate Familiars (Imp, Quasit, Pixie (Coure/Lyrakien), Cherub, etc.)


Large Air Elemental (Clear Transparent), matching "Wall of Air" (as spell effect markers/smaller elementals)

"Wall of Earth" markers


Also a Cyclops that would blend in well with the Ogres and Ettin.

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I'd really like more half-orcs added to the bones collection. PC's can't usually play as full-blooded orcs, and the orcs already in the collection aren't really PC material.


Just want to see like, say, an iconic half-orc barbarian or a half-orc necromancer added.


I really dig this Half-Orc druid, actually:


Probably wouldn't be too much of a stretch to use him as a necromancer, either.

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I'd really like more half-orcs added to the bones collection. PC's can't usually play as full-blooded orcs, and the orcs already in the collection aren't really PC material.


Just want to see like, say, an iconic half-orc barbarian or a half-orc necromancer added.


Yes! There are actually a few that could pass well as PC orc/half-orc types in the bones line... but they're all male.


Male Orc/Half-Orc PCs

Heavy Armor Classes: 77150 Ragnaros

Medium Armor Classes: 77199 Thund

Light Armor Classes: 77224 Rogan

Caster Classes: ?


Female Orc/Half-Orc PCs

Heavy Armor Classes: ?

Medium Armor Classes: ?

Light Armor Classes: ?

Caster Classes: ?


Apparently women are pretty much always supposed to want to be anorexic, blonde, elf types. /sigh

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Haha, I didn't even know Ragnaros was a half-orc. I literally just got him in the mail. Awesome.

And I agree. I was just talking on the forums about more attractive orcish females being made. I'm getting pretty tired of those blonde, elvish stereotypes.


Well Ragnaros is full Orc by the look of his build. He is distinct enough to be PC worthy though. He'll certainly do as my heavy armor, orc/half-orc, PC option until they come out with the Pathfinder Warpriest Iconic.


But ya more female Orcs and Dwarves please.

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I'll admit to thinking, at this point, that Bones material may best be suited for two things - 


1 - larger monsters, creatures, terrain, etc. where the softer detail isn't really a big problem (as opposed to human-scale figures where it can lead to noseless alien cowpunchers...)


2 - figures you want a lot of - skelebros (oh my gosh, so many skelebros I have now...), guardsmen and infantry units, random mook-like creatures (orcs, etc.) - where you might want a high-detailed mini or three as squad commanders and heroes, but the rank-and-file are going to get tabletop(ish) paint jobs anyways. 


With that in mind, considering only creatures that are already available in metal (because mostly easier/cheaper to mold, I suspect?) and keeping in mind what's already gone before (we now have plenty of bugbears, orcs, gnolls, goblins, kobolds, skeletons, zombies, ghouls, mummies.... {Tasmanian Devil}and especially Dragons!{/Tasmanian Devil}*)


Howzabout a nice Sphinx or two? (one linked because bewbs)




And some Giants (and giant-kin) that we haven't seen before - 

















Giant Animals and Insects (this one is now pretty well covered, actually, thanks to Cadirith, the giant scorpions, and the already bonesified giant tarantulas, on the insect front - although some giant ants would be nice)



"The Eagles! The Eagles are coming!"



this one sort of counts... it's a treefolk in the army, so it's a GI-Ent...
(the best sort of pun is the worst sort of pun...)



Ladies and Gentlegnomes... presenting the Beetles!


This guy is unbearable...



...but at least he's never boaring!



Twinkle, twinkle, little Bat...



Nobody's gonna make a monkey outta this guy...




General Purpose Monsters
("My I'll bet monsters lead Interesting lives"...)



Such an Interesting fellow, but, you know what they say about monsters with hairy backs...


Okay, okay, ONE dragon... but only because it looks so Interesting...



Wyverns can be very Interesting monsters, but there actually aren't any at all in Bones yet!


This is a very Interesting golem indeed - 



Trees that walk... now there is such an Interesting concept....





There's obviously a lot more minis that could be added - demons and devils, driders and ogres, "normal" animals that just happen to be huge (alligators and crocodiles and dire turtles, oh my!), and so forth and so on. But these are some I would love to see off, well, not the top of my head, but somewhere close to it.


*Kidding! Kidding! There's no such thing (for some people) as too many Dragons! Yeeessshh... 

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