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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #2

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I would like to see a few more humanoid spell casters.  I really like 60175: Oloch, Iconic Warpriest, and 14597: Toghra the Despoiler, Gnoll Warlord in Bones is a step in the right direction, but I would like to see even more monstrous spell casters.  03699: Hobgoblin Sorcerer or 14569: Goblin Shaman would be a nice addition.  Perhaps an orc wizard in robes with a hood and shoulder plates and a skull topped staff, or some bugbear priests.  Female versions of some spell casters would be appreciated as well.

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I think elephants might be a good idea.


edit---Actually, a fricking mahoosive Wooly Mammoth/Mastodon would be really cool.


I would expand this:


"Bones needs more real-world megafauna!"


Elephant, Mastodon, Elk, Rhinoceros, Hippo, Titanothere, Giant Sloth, Dinosaurs, Paraceratherium, etc.


Metal would be cool, but Bones versions would be awesome.

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a clear bones medical tank, with or without person, alien, or monster suspended in it.

angry AI hologram, transluscent red, can be person like, or roboty, or just an abstract geometrical thing with a little tech base.

sheep, cow, chicken, pig. any other farm/domestic animal that you see in groups of 5+

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There have been so many ideas, we are bound to come up with the same ones every now and then.


Couldn't we get a list of all the ideas?


Will Reaper take some of these ideas in production?

Reaper does seem to take heed of suggestions on these threads. It's not a guarantee, but they clearly do take these threads into account.


The Reaper folks do on occasion make up lists of suggested figures. It seems that sometimes when retiring one of these threads and starting a fresh one someone generates a list.


But that's a bit of a task. Maybe a forumite with some free time might want to give it a go?

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Most of all is new hordes or packs of stuff, like the skeletons in KSII.  Being able to put together a squad of uniquely positioned and equipped minis that visually belong together is always fun to me.  A bunch of slightly different bandits, barbarians, vikings or savages would be cool.   Having a pack of wolves would be great instead of just 7 of the same one all turning slightly to the left.  Especially with that awesome looking Werewolf people photographed at the Con.

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