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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #2

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I'd love to see some Sci-Fi miniatures.  Heroes, Monsters, Aliens, Robots & Vehicles of all shapes & sizes.  Perhaps some sci-fi game mat dressing as well.


Perhaps looking at the Eclipse Phase, Numenera/The Strange, Alpha Omega, or ShadowRun universes for ideas.


I'm still in favor of a robot "kit", with lots of parts that can be assembled to create whatever you want, as needed.  Not sure how that would go over for a Kickstarter add-on, but I'd love it for our own games.

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Sci-Fi stuff does not interest me that much but I understand that there are people out there who would be excited to see it. Id prefer it in an addon but Reaper needs to do whats best for the company

I thought of more dungeon decor stuff that I didnt have in my list! My husband & I keep discussing things & coming up with ideas!


Giant Nest (with removable eggs?) - something that could work for large/huge dragons, griffon, owlbear (I think they would have eggs/nest) & other large monsters

Trap Door

Kegs on Stands (my dwarves beg for this)

Maybe some kind of trap


A bunch of skulls... both human & then others like giant & animal - these would be great for basing & decor! & so cheap in bones... appropriate too :P

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Truly Gargantuan Green Dragon!

Years ago, WotC made 4 chromatic great wyrm minis. But the 5th one, great green wyrm was not released. There is a mini called "Gargantuan Green Dragon" in Pathfinder Battle, but unfortunately, the mini is much smaller than black, blue & white great wyrms from WotC. I want a mini which can complete my chromatic great wyrm collection.

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So I am bored tonight, and decided to do the dangerous thing & trawl Reaper online store. I ended up looking at Familiars for whatever reason. I love the familiars I have in bones, and had so much fun painting them. Maybe I am alone in this, but Id actually like to see some more familiars. Here are some of my favourites




Owl & Pseudodragon from here (the imp is cool too)

These  (especially the Fox & armadillo)

These  (all very cool, especially Iguana & Monkey)

Warthog, Vulture, Sloth

Raven, Dragon, Tortoise

River Familiars (especially Monitor Lizard)

Underwater Familiars (dat Octopus)


Maybe even Evil Toys would be fun!


Am I along in loving the idea of more familiars/companions in Bones?

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This is my list, I know it's long, and doesn't have any animals, dinosaurs, or infantry soldiers on it, but there are tons of animals, dinosaurs, and soldier type figurines out there at places like Michael's, Toys R' Us or fantastic learning for a pretty decent deal.


I would WAY rather see unusual monsters like these:


alraune (PFB III)

assassin vine

astral stalker

Banshee (5e)

Behemoth, Thunder (PFB III)

Black pudding

bronze serpent

canon golem

cecaelia (PFB III)

charda (PFB II)

cold rider (pathfinder)

concordant killer 3.5e

crazy crow lady (just for fun)

Death tyrant beholder 5e (maybe translucent so we could paint the skull and glowing eyes and have the rest invisible)

Demon, Shemhazian (PFB II)

dire animals

displacer beast (5e)

dragonne (3.5e)

Drakes (especially the sea one) (pathfinder)

Elder Jinushigami and Toshigami (pathfinder)

fey (especially verdant prince/princess)


genies (pathfinder)

giant flytrap

girtablilu (pathfinder)


Hangman tree (PFB II)

hound archon

hydra (pathfinder)


invisible stalker

iron golem (3.5e)


linnorm (personally I like the Tarn Linnorm best)



necrophidus (PFB II) / bone naga

night walker


nightmare beast

nightshade, nightwave (PFB II)

non-wolf based lycanthropes

ocean giant

oni (pathfinder)

Orcus (or any of the Demon  Lords for that matter, Deities could be cool too)

Orcwort (with wortlings)


piscodaemon (PFB II)

plant – beasties, evil vegetation/vines


sea drake pathfinder (PFB II) (I know I've mentioned this one before, I just LOVE the image)

shambling mound

shield guardian

shinigami (Pathfinder)



warforged titan (3.5e spell compendium I think)

xill (pathfinder)



Of course I wouldn't recommend stealing any copywrighted imagery, just using the above mentioned images as sources for TOTALLY AWESOME knock-offs.


(PFB means the image that I liked came from a pathfinder beastiary, 5e or 3.5e mean the D&D manuals had cool images)

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03538: Stefan Von Kruger, Vampire Warrior 
03387: Kaspar Von Mondstein, Vampire 
02867: Matthias the Twisted 
14184: Bloodseeker Vampire,Necropolis Solo 
14359: Crimson Knight, Necropolis Grunt 
03357: Golgoth the Ancient, Skeletal Knight 
02804: Plague Harbinger 
14149: Deathrider, Necropolis Adept 
03083: Requius, Death Warden 
14169: Dauron, Necropolis Hero 
14581: Oakhearth Warden

02813: Reaper - War

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