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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #2

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While we did just see the pack donkey and pack camel in Bones 4, I'd still like to see more pack animals.

First on my list would be a pack elephant which I think would not only be of great use in RPG's, but if fitted with removable supplies would also hold a lot of appeal for those wanting to use it in fantasy or even historical wargames.

It would be great as part of a supply caravan objective or with a bit of modification as an offensive unit.


For much the same reason I would still like to see Bones supply carts and wagons and hope we'll see the halflings pumpkin cart sooner rather than later.


And inflight dragons onna flight stand. Please!


IMHO Reaper has gotten into a bit of a rut when it comes to Bones dragons. Most are either poised rearing on their two hind legs or have 3 legs planted on the ground with the 4th one raised in kind of a "grr.. argh..." stance.

In fairness, there have been one or two exceptions, like Marthrangul which appears to be in a crouching almost feline pose, but it's getting pretty rare to see.


With as many dragons as Reaper has been putting out in Bones, we really need to see some more variety in the posing. I think inflight dragons could help out a lot with that, and avoiding dragon fatigue in the future. I'd think it's worth a try with one or two to see how they do anyway.

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Now that the KS is over, more transparent wing bits. Specifically:


Feather (large bird/angel)

Leather (bat/demon)

Twisted (deformed versions of above)

Armored versions of above

Leafy, Petal, Thorn (plantlike)

Web, Bone (spider & skeletal)

Clockwork (for the steampunker in us all)

High tech sci-fi (rocket thrusters!)

Coral, Fin, Shell (for more under the sea fantasticalness)



And other stuff:


Twisted Fey. Based on true Celtic and Norse lore and showing as battle-hardened and not all cute and shiney. Add a pegleg and torn up wings, wearing armor and a Come Get Some grimace.


A sprue of bardic instruments. Lute, harp, pan pipes...


Clear Bones Spell effects.

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I would like to see:


02743 Tara the Silent

02942 Gullivar

02959 Marius Burrowell

03078 Pearl the Mermaid

03136 Druss Darkblight

03139 Shaelin

03234 Melatha

03403 Na Kaat

14025 Kayla

14143 Kara Foehunter

60031 Queen Ileosa of Korvosa

60178 Enora


P02584A Begger


I need more of the shorter races and crossbows. I would also like to see a Nothic.

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More poses for the various minor/lesser demons/devils. 


I love all the demons and devils that Reaper has done so far but would like more poses for the smaller demons and devils so that I can build units without them all looking the same. 

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I would like to see a Bahamut dragon the same size as Ma'al Drakor.  The figure should have a matching base so the two figures could face each other.  Maybe have an extra terrain piece that would go in the middle so they aren't so close.

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First of all I wanted to thank the wonderful Reaper staff for paying attention to our suggestions. We got a lot of the minis we asked, including the Five Headed Dragon, Sphinx, Manticore, and many more. But there are several more minis we could use like Demogorgon, or a random two headed giant ape with tentacles, a giant legless hydra, a wholy mammoth, and more translucent heroes.

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