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PAX Aus - Who's going?

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Just curious how many others on the Reaper forum will be going to PAX Aus. I'll be an Enforcer there (hopefully in Tabletop section), so might get to meet some of you.

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I will be! Going Friday and Sunday (the guy who I bought my passes off didn't tell me about the lack of Saturday ticket, and he lf it too late for me to get one) hanging around with my husband and their iPad dev. crew.

I really hope they have some great tabletop games and minis there. If anything would love to grab copies of stuff like Elder Sign and Dixit.


Also very much looking forward to the League of Legends tournaments.

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Oh, bugger. I looked it up many months ago when it was first announced, then I forgot all about it. So... not unless I find some sneaky tix somewhere.


Kicking myself.

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Packing my suitcase for PAX today! Hubby and I fly out tomorrow morning, quite relaxed and excited. This is the first Con in a long time that I don't have a booth at or am not a special guest. I can just chillax, hang out and go to the events I want.

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