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Dark Skies: In the land of the Empires.


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Those are 1/72? I swore I was looking at something that was half that size due to the details.

Me too until I scrolled down to the size scale at the bottom. If you compare these to something from the likes of a 1/72 Bandai, Hasegawa, or even AMC/Ertl kit they look pretty poor, even for the price.

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It's a shame. It's a good idea that I'm afraid will be hamstringed by the models. It might work better to release rules for 1/72 air battles and let people supply their own models. Then my only concern would be how big a table it takes to dog fight in 1/72 scale...

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Yeah, I was assuming they were smaller due to the details as well. They seem a bit on the big side for an aerial combat game due to thinkgs like turning radiases and always having to move forward.


EDIT: I've played a bit of Dogfight over Flanders which was designed for 1/144 and whilst you could play with a small area it really only worked for a small number of planes. Anything more than the starter set of 4 planes each and I can see it needing a lot of space.

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Hello everyone! We have this project on Kickstarter and we need the help of all of you to make it a reality.

It is called Dark Skies and is an aircombat wargame in a “what-if” fantastic setting. Please take a look!

LINK--- >> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/922026722/dark-skies-in-the-land-of-the-empires


The game mechanics allows players to enjoy a 3D gameplay, the stands can go up and down to represent the different altitude levels and the manoeuvres and aerial techniques create an engaging system of air clashes.

Andy Chambers (extensive works on Warhammer 40.000, Starship Troopers, Dust Tactics, Necromunda, etc.) will do a final Edit on the rules to guarantee balanced and refined rules and Dylan Owen (Proof-read 42 titles for the Black Library) will proof-read the final version of the rulebook.


There are right now 5 factions, but more will be revealed in future! Check them out:

The Kingdom of England:

In the game board, the Kingdom of England has the most agile fighters in the Dark Skies: the Warfly, light armoured but high defence skills. The medium and heavy aircraft of the Kindom of England have one of the highest fire rate making dozens of gunfire bursts. More tactical players that what to make agile movements while heavier aircrafts give support fire, will enjoy playing with the Kindom of England Army.


The Germanic Empire:

In the game board, the Germanic possesses the superior fire power in the middle-heavy aircrafts. The lighter fighters like the Foker D1 are reliable and highly manoeuvrable allow the players to take advantageous positions. Offensive and daring players will be right at home with the Germanic army!


The Russian Empire:

The gameplay of the Russian army is based on the high number of its ranks to overwhelm and crush the enemy. The MS3 and the MS7 cover most of the needs any player would demand on any army, and you can flood the game board with them. The Black October is a hard hitter that provides heavy fire power to your vanguard. If you like big armies with lots of resources to overcome your enemies, the Russian Empire, is the perfect army for you.


The Cthulhu Creatures:

The Cthulhu are few in the game board but quite powerful and their unique rules and nature make the creatures an interesting army to play. Combining the resources and abilities of the different creatures can cause serious mayhem in the enemy lines but if the creatures are isolated and surrounded can be suppressed. Skilled players that know how to combine resources and love super-elite armies with few but impressive miniatures will find the in Cthulhu faction a source of unlimited fun.


The Foreign Legion (Mercenaries):

Players can fully customize their Foreign Legion army choosing aircrafts from any other faction and adding unique rules and aces to make their own individual armies. With just a few but very powerful miniatures the Foreign Legion is a great choice of an army for those players who like maximize their resources and use many powerful aces at the same time.

Lothar von Stauffemberg, Mike Yegar and Auryl the Winged are some examples of the Aces from the foreign Legion.


We’ll bring more news soon, check for new updates in the project every day and do not hesitate to contact us in our Kickstarter project with any doubt you may have (In English and Spanish).


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Hi guys! New updates for Dark Skies!

Link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/922026722/dark-skies-in-the-land-of-the-empires

You can now download a preview of the rules, 33 detailed pages full of info with th mechanics of the game!


Background story to get inside the amazing universe of Dark Skies, download a pdf in the project update!


The big ones are here too! The Zeppelin C1, the Black October and the Magma Corvette, complete now the ranks of the factions.




Link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/922026722/dark-skies-in-the-land-of-the-empires

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News from Dark Skies!

Cthulhu creatures keep appearing and the skies keep getting darker:



The Gaul faction is now out and available on most pledge levels:


The Add On is available for all the pledge levels, now you can adapt and personalize your rewards.

Take a look at the new Add On area now including the new Cthulhu creatures and the Gaul faction miniatures.


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