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I haven't done one of these in a while...


Started up a new mini to keep me busy.


I haven't done any bathalians, aside from Professor Kraken, so I thought I'd give D'Kuhl a try.




Haven't done much so far. Just primed, then basecoated his robes in red and purple, and put on some heavy shading. I'll be painting over the majority of the shading as I go along, so only the deepest parts will show. Probably going to go with a nice yellow or orange for the trimming on his robe. I'm planning olive green for his skin, and then I'm going to try the Vallejo fluorescent green and yellow to give him some distinctive markings. Hopefully it comes out looking all right. If not, I'll just paint over it.




Back view of his robes.

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I really dig this figure, although I come out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of attempting all the detail work on it >.>

I just painted all the detail as one piece on the Bones version. On the undead version I should go back and detail it all out.
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I'm not dead! Just been a bit busy. Finally finished up the basecoating.




Edging is done in Coat D'Arms Festering Brown. Skin is Reaper Jungle Moss, with some light touches from Vallejo Fluorescent Green. I'll put on more as I go along, and some Fluorescent Yellow as well, to give him some patterns. Might add a little blue in there. The staff is Reaper Blackened Brown, with the gem Fluorescent Green again. A few CDA Barbarian Leather touches as well.




I think I may start over on the purple. I'm not a huge fan of this particular shade (Citadel Genestealer purple, I believe), and it's hard to paint over the dark bits I added. I'll probably go over it again with a richer purple, and maybe use it for highlights.

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Pretty much done at this point, or as done as I'm going to be before I get back. Not gonna base him here.




Added a little bit of white to the eyes. Decided not to get too fancy with it. Used some Fuegan Orange shade from Citadel to bring out the details on the edging of his robes.




The back of the robes... Not my best work. I found it a pain getting the genestealer purple to blend with the Reaper Imperial purple. Ended up going back over a lot of it with the original shade, just to get something that wouldn't look entirely like it was painted by a blind special-needs chimp.




Had some fun with the gem. To add the darker bits near the top, I mixed Reaper Jungle Moss with the Vallejo fluorescent green. Worked out pretty well, at least for tabletop.



The other side of the gem.

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