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I figured that I had to start my Kickstarter painting with Mr. Bones so that he could help me watch over the rest of the paint jobs. I have started him and will update with pictures at the end of this paint session.

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I decided that I wanted his robes to be a purple color and so I based them first to try out the shadows first. It wasn't quite what I was thinking it would be, but I am going with it. The rest I am making up as I go:


Robes - 4:1 Imperial Purple/Blackened Brown

Bone Parts - Dirty Bone

Shovel and Under Clothes - Stone Grey

Ropes and Shovel Shaft - Ruddy Leather




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I figured that I had to start my Kickstarter painting with Mr. Bones so that he could help me watch over the rest of the paint jobs. I have started him and will update with pictures at the end of this paint session.


This seems like excellent thinking to me. Now all you need is your own little Bones graveyard path for him to walk down. ::):

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I used my iPad while working in the other room to type these notes in the moment. I will update with a picture later.


Wash for under clothes, rope and shovel shaft - blackened brown

First grey highlight - 4:1 stone grey/splintered bone

Second - added three drops of splintered bone

Highlight for shovel shaft - 2:2 oiled leather/ruddy leather

Highlight for ropes - oiled leather

Lacings - sky blue

Robes - imperial purple

Robes highlight - 4:1 imperial purple/splintered bone

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My plan is to hit the bone bits and rope again. I tried the new bone triad that I got in the KS, but I think that the contrast just isn't quite there enough (and I might not be the best example of how to use them, yet).

I might even look over the whole thing some more. The debate is whether to move onto a second mini first or not.
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Thanks for the advice guys. I washed the bone parts with blackened brown, then started to highlight with dirty bone. I didn't like the level of contrast and jumped to splintered bone. I also highlighted the shovel with straight splintered bone and the rope with a 3:1 splintered bone/oiled leather.



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I'll join in on this WIP. I knew awhile ago that Mr. Bones would be the first mini I painted after I received my kickstarter package. It just seems appropriate.


Here he is boiled, cleaned, and based (that shovel just refuses to stand straight):



Next step was to do some lining (mix of Pure Black and Walnut Brown), and then go back over the boney parts with Aged Bone and then some Polished Bone, plus a quick base coat of HD Concrete Grey on the shovel:



Last for this session was finishing up the basecoats:



Cloak: Mix of Ultramarine Shadow and HD NIghtsky Blue.

Inner Cloak: Mix of HD Concrete Grey and HD Armor Grey.

Rope: Mix of HD Pale Saffron and HD Mustard Yellow.

Shovel Shaft: HD Suntan Flesh


Next step will be a series of washes to fill out details and help correct some of the places I messed up the lining.

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This guy is going fast; mostly done now. Forgive the poor quality of these pictures; for WIPs I don't have the patience to set up a good lighting situation.


Washes and inner clothing detail work:

post-9097-0-00594200-1373351996.jpg post-9097-0-36797900-1373351996.jpg


Rope and shovel shaft were washed with brown wash. Inner clothing was washed with black wash. I then used a few layers of progressively lighter greys to bring back the inner cloak, and used some HD Crimson Red and HD Bright Red to make the straps stand out. I also glazed the rope with a bit of Oiled Leather, as the brown wash vs. the yellow I had was just too stark.


Next up was most of the final shading/highlighting:

post-9097-0-70806800-1373351996.jpg post-9097-0-01406500-1373351997.jpg


Rope: Touched up with some Sun Yellow, followed by a very light touch of Sun Yellow and Linen White.

Cloak: Remixed the base coat color, and added in small amounts of Ashen Blue in a few layers, and finally mixed in a bit of Pure White for peak highlights. This was by far the most time consuming step. I still feel a bit lost on clothing like this. Need to study a few examples from others. Cloak may need a light glaze to tie it all together.

Shovel: Did a fairly quick NMM job on the shovel handle. Not as smooth as some of my others, but I think good enough for this mini. I'll take another look at it in the morning and decide.


Other than any minor touch-ups I notice, this guy is mostly done save for some base work.


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I suppose I have insomnia to thank for my getting into this WIP (even though I was intending to join in at some point).


I've filed most of the mold lines using my awful super-cheap crosshatch files, and am too impatient to wait for my sanding needles to get here before proceeding. I scrubbed him down with a bit of dish soap and a good rinse, then boiled him to reset his shovel, which was tweaked just slightly out of line with the handle.


He now has an all-over coat of Walnut Brown to start with.






My plans are to paint him up just like we saw him during the Kickstarter:




We'll see how successful I am. :)



--OneBoot :D

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Okay, one layer of basecoating is done for his robe. I chose Sapphire Blue simply because it's the only blue I own, and it came out lighter than I was wanting, but it will do as a midtone. Also, it seems this is among my thinner paints, since I will definitely need another coat, possibly two, to get complete coverage.






Part of the reason I stopped before adding additional layers is because I wanted to clarify something. Is lining something that's typically done at this stage, where I'd essentially not be painting the deepest crevices and such because I've already got a dark coat down, or is it something that's usually done later, after basecoating and some details have been done?


I'm asking because I'm not sure how to handle the deep areas in his sleeves and hood, as well as around the edges of everything like I've seen many painters do (which makes it look all cool and like it's really a drawing). Here's a pic of what I mean:




Should I go ahead and put my basecoat down in there and everywhere there's robe, or should I leave some spots un-basecoated to let the dark undercoat show there?



--OneBoot :D

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Lining itself is specifically for delineating the edges of things. Transition zones, where one material meets another (so, between skin and cloth; between the shovel handle and his robe).


Shading is what you use for deep folds and recesses. You can do this with a darker colour wash, or you can paint it in using darker blue paint, or you can start from your shade colour and work up (this is usually how I do it).

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