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Gaming gear/props at your table


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So I'm pretty new to painting and role playing games (just over two years) and I'm wondering what stuff/gear/props you guys use for ur fantasy rp games?


I play dnd 4e so the dm uses my minis + Afew tokens here and there . Also square grid dnd maps (which are amazing)


I have a dragon onsie so I wear that! My girl has a owl onsie and now and then puts that on


We use the dice box as a gelatinous cube


I also have a impressive beer mug and we buy micro brewy beers with fantasy names (cloak and dagger, hob goblin, ravin, etc)


And for dungeon crawls I eagerly await Itar workshop dungeon pieces in oct.

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I just got my first two terraclips sets today. DungeonRise - Dungeon Essentials and Prison of the Forsaken.



WOW. :blink:


Okay, so I've seen pictures of this stuff and things people have made but I was still half skeptical. Honestly, you can't tell how awesome it is until you have it in-hand. This stuff is amazing. It's exactly what I needed. My only regret is that I didn't buy enough clips, but those are an appreciating asset so long as I buy a box every time I go for more sets - which I'd need anyways in order to make more complex builds. It'll definitely do the job in the meantime, there's enough clips and bits to fill our whole table and at least double, possibly triple, the real estate we had with the hex board anyway.


I'm sold, all the way sold. This beats the pants off print, fold, & glue stuff. Terraclips + Bones is the DM's dream team.

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I have Paizo's flip mats and WotC's dungeon tiles, but I spend most of my time playing published modules, so I started scanning in maps and printing them off. I finally got sick of taping together 30 pieces of paper and bought a cheapo flagscreen TV on Black Friday and now we use that for the map. I reveal as we go using MapTools. Usually we only use miniatures in addition to the map, but occasionally I'll supplement it with some of my dungeon decorations (crystals, treasure chests, etc).

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I have a fox onesie (that from that site, the Japanese ones are called kigurumi) that I've worn to our D&D groups a few times, mostly just for comfort.

We use minis at our D&D table, we have a sheet of clear plastic over a 1-inch grid of paper (so we can draw the game map directly onto it with whiteboard marker so it can be wiped off) and put our hero and monster figures directly on-top.


Also, don't be fooled of the scale of that D20 next to the figures. We bought our DM a huuuge D20 last year to punish rowdy players with.

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