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[GROUP/OPEN]WIP Swamp Things Set

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This is the Group WIP thread for the Swamp Things set from the kickstarter. Here is an image of all four models with some possible paint choices that I have for them. I will be starting with Lizardman Warrior (the guy with the club).


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I did a round of highlights on the browns:


4:2 Ruddy Leather/Burnt Orange




4:4 Ruddy Leather/Burnt Orange



Finally just Burnt Orange





After taking the pics I noticed that I forgot to highlight the javelins. I decided to try out a twisting pattern.


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I'll add this soon once I figure out how to label it. I hadn't thought ahread to KS sets made up of multiple SKUs.


Edit: Nevermind, it was easy because the SKUs are sequential.

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Very nice! I've got a number of lizardmen I'd like to paint, but can never really decide on a color. Glad to see your figure from the beginning! Looking forward to see more progress.

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Thanks guys.


Tonight's work:



3:2 Forest Green/Jade Green


3:5 Forest Green/Jade Green

Straight Jade Green

2:1 Jade Green/Sun Yellow




Splattered Crimson

1:1 Splattered Crimson/Sun Yellow



Teeth, Handle and Skull:

Splattered Bone washed Blackened Brown then Highlighted back with Splintered Bone



Chest Strap:

2:1 Oiled Leather/Splintered Bone

Gory Red

2:1 Gory Red/Splintered Bone

Wash of Blackened Brown



Club Spikes and Chainmail:

Honed Steel then washed with Blackened Brown



Ruddy Leather

Stone Grey

Wash of Blackened Brown




I am going to call this one 90%+ done. I am tempted to be done with it now, but I am sure that someone will point something out that it can use (like the fact that I am not thrilled about the color choice of the loincloth - I am half-tempted to make it some crazy bright color).

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As a tabletop mini this is good, but it wouldn't take a lot for you to step it up a notch. Consider the neck scales and right pec as a start point. On both of these areas you need more mid tone, on the pec the whole top right corner should be lighter, closer to the highlight you have on the pec, with that top edge on the right getting the same final highlight as the main pec. On the neck the brown shadow should only be visible in the deepest recesses, and the bright highlight colour should be on the top edge particularly on the right side where the neck is most exposed to the light.


For the leather you have 2 issues, firstly the colour is getting lost against the skin and secondly there is not enough midtone on the quiver.


As a suggestion start with your midtone and shine a bright light down on the model from directly above and take a photo. That will give you the highlight and shadow points for midday lighting (the default assumption). Then you can tweak that a little as you paint (after all the sun creates a more omni-directional light) by putting extra highlights and shadows in to give greater definition.


Finally with fine details like the scales the best approach is nearly always, midtone, bdrybrush highlight, wash, retouch highlights.

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It's good to see one of these going up and these lizards are so neat looking. I like the inspiration photo you are using and I think you're making great progress on him and are doing a fine job of posting this W.I.P. so we can see step by step what you are doing. I need to learn to do this like you have.

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It's always awesome to see someone come out of the L2PKs and their next mini is awesome.


I agree with OC, you're on the path of kick-butt painting and it's time to learn all the fiddly tweaks to get there. It's what I've been doing for the better part of a year, and it's a pain but totally worth it.

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Thanks for the kind words guys. I am going to call him done for now and come back to him when I get some basing materials and bases together.


Next up: Snakeman Warrior and maybe the Marsh Troll. The other guy, the Lizardman Spearman, needs to be boiled due to a limp spear.

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Base coat of Snakeman Warrior: 3:1 Sun Yellow/Clear Green


Base Coat of Marsh Troll: 3:2:1 Clear Blue/Clear Green/Breonne Blue


Some thoughts:

1. I can't any painted images of these guys on the net and so am preparing myself for confusion about fiddly bits.

2. Holy crap that troll took a lot of paint.





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I applied Ruddy Leather to most of the rest of each of the minis as a base coat. I also applied Blackened Brown to the Snakeman's bow. The spines on the troll are 2:1 Gory Red/Clear Purple.


(The lighting was causing havoc with my pics, but I don't have enough light sources to try out my lightbox yet. If you have something to say about that, feel free to go to this thread in order to keep side conversation out of the group WIP.)





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