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First painted bones


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I got the list of stuff I used - of course, I based the skeletons and the ground in Abbadon Black from GW first (no primer):

the base for the spirit wall is P3 battlefield brown base with the drybrush was P3 Bootstrap Leather.


The bones were based in GW Rarkarth Flesh, then inked with the old GW Gryphonne Sepia, and when that dried, washed with Agrax earthshade. I then did a light drybrush with the old Bleached Bone paint.

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Been a little while since I was able to paint, but here are a couple new ones. I haven't done the bases yet, as I can't decide if I want to keep them as is or do something more complex. Sorry about a couple of the pics, for some reason my camera doesn't always do well.


Ragnaros the Evil Warrior:




Mangu Timor:





Black Orc Hero:




Battleguard Golem (looks way better than these pictures show....):




And Anvall Thricedamned:


I used my dark flesh technique for Anvall. Worked pretty well on him :)

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