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Mordheim Knight

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Oh, I like that sculpt (and your treatment of it!). I wasn't aware of that line...and I'll ignore it until I'm no longer broke :p


Looks kind of like a Hell Dorado westerner.


Unfortunately Mordheim is, like all of the Specialist Games, suffering a slow death. This figure in particular is no longer available in the UK or US, though apparently it still is in NZ.

Very cool mini though, I have one of my own that's been sitting unpainted for far too long. Love the purple, and that horse looks fantastic.

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I also found that out but still want him! Any one know of any similar reaper minis of a old knight?



I think I've seen some different kinds of knights, but for some reason I can't think of a Don Quixote mini from Reaper. Seems like an oversight to me.


I mean, I'm sure Bobby Jackson would jump at that opportunity.


There are some older knights in Dark Sword's range- mostly I'm thinking of the Game of Thrones minis.

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