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Thoughts on painting the red / green figures?

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I was looking over the translucent red and green figures, and I was thinking that some of them clearly would benefit from some paint in some areas. Not the all-fire Fire Elemental, but at a minimum there's a tombstone on the green Ghost, and there are a lot of details that are hard to make out on some of the other figures as-is with no paint to increase contrast.


I'm just feeling a tad cautious about it because it seems that there's no point to the material if you don't leave some sections unpainted, and potentially the difference between the painted / unpainted areas could look bad.

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The painted large fire elemental in the gallery is awesome mine will definitely be painted like him.


I also thought of possibly hollowing him out a bit, adding an bright LED integrated into a base and lighting the bugger up.

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I'm just going to paint them like they were regular Bones. The translucency is a neat effect, but I've decided to go with a more uniform painted look for all my Bones.


Won't he a bit sweaty in a uniform, especially if they are all your size.

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This is how I am going to try to handle them:

For the fire models, I'll take a red ink/wash, and wash the entire mini to create a little depth to them. For the specters, I will use a dark green ink/wash. After they dry, with the fire, I am going to dry brush white around the areas that would probably end up being the hotter part of the flames, and then build out with yellow, then orange, then red. This will leave the clear plastic showing, but will still have the appearance of the different colors of the flame. With the Specters, I will then drybrush a medium green, then a light green. The bases I will prime with brush on primer, then paint as grass and such. Then, for the specter with the sword, I will prime the tombstone and sword, and then paint them normally. I'm actually planning on attempting this over the weekend, so if I actually get an example painted, I'll post the results.

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Evilhalfling posted his Burning Sphere in his WIP thread:


Okay so the Tengu (birdman) is not from Bones, but his pistols were. Bones are great for making modifications. BRACK! is one of my two active pathfinder society PCs. Gunslingers are terrible in Pathfinder, but I get to make finger guns and shout BANG! whenever I hit something. yeah im that guy.

attachicon.gif5-15 008.jpg

I really liked the effect he got, with the details being more readily observable, while still looking all cool and translusent-ish. I asked him how he got the effect, and he replied:


The fireball I just gently drybrushed with a wide flat brush, then went back over whatever that missed with a pin dipped in paint. The coals were just lightly painted and the translucent red mini shines through in the unpainted cracks.

Hope that helps, I'm going to try something similar when I get to mine.



--OneBoot :D

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I've gotten some decent effects by dry-brushing the Haunts with some white acrylic paint, and painting up the bases/tombstones with solid black, then dry-brushing in grey for dirt/stone, then a lighter dry-brushing of lime green to try to suggest "cast light."


I've got a few pictures of the results in a Google+ gallery here:



Someone suggested painting in the skeletons in the Spectral Wall, which I think would be pretty neat. Another thought would be to "fade out" with some of the figures: i.e., maybe paint in the face of Labella DeMornay, and the surrounding area, and then just sort of "fade out" to the translucent areas. I might just have to experiment with that on one of the figures.


For the fiery ones, I tried seeing if I could get away with just dry-brushing on some Inca gold, but the deep red really doesn't convey a "fiery" look that way. I'm thinking of going in and painting a white-to-yellow-to-orange gradient toward the base of the fiery figures, then leaving the extremities translucent red, in the hopes that I'll still get some benefit from the translucent plastic, but that it'll look a bit more vibrant and bring out the details with the paint toward the base. I haven't proceeded far along enough yet to bother with taking pictures of the fire elementals -- but I'll get around to that (succeed or fail) later on.

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At one point, I had painted a lurker-in-the-dark figure from the prepainted D&D line. I started with a gloss brush on primer, then sparingly painted the mouths and eyes of the screaming faces on it to look like they were glowing. I found less is more if trying to leave translucence as you can see the undercoat of anything you paint through the other side of the mini. I assume the bones will react similarly.

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I tried my hand at the medium and large elementals.


77082 Large Fire Elemental



Medium Fire Elemental



My basic approach was this:


1) Dry-brushed with Inca gold paint.  Didn't have much of a result.  Back to square one.


2) Applied white acrylic paint near the base, and in assorted recessed areas.  The conceit was that it might be lighter toward the base of the fire, or deeper into the fire, while the extremities would fade to red.


3) I went back with yellow, painting over parts of the areas that had been painted white previously, following the rule of thumb that the lower and deeper the area, the more it should fade to white.  I also tried dry-brushing a few areas with yellow, but my yellow paint is very translucent and doesn't really stand out well for dry-brushing.


4) I went back with bright orange, painting in the tips of the areas I'd originally painted white (with the idea of going with a gradient from white, to yellow, to orange, to background red).  I also tried painting highlights in orange.


5) For the medium elemental, as it seemed to have strong resistance to standing up under its own power for very long, I took a 30mm round lipped base, glued a circular piece of white paper to the middle (to cover the slot and to provide a white "underpaint" for the translucent figure), glued down the medium fire elemental, then went back with some bright orange to paint the exposed white areas, then dots of black acrylic to try to "gradient" the orange to the black plastic rim somewhat.  (Heavy on the "somewhat.")

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