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P1000913 by kitchen_wolf, on Flickr


P1000904 by kitchen_wolf, on Flickr


SWMBO calls this one King Krakkatootha.


P1000909 by kitchen_wolf, on Flickr


This is why you shouldn't lead with your chin before your official portrait sitting.


P1000886 by kitchen_wolf, on Flickr



Rumors that the statues continue underground and can rise from the earth as vengeful stone are only half true.


The Easter Island Moai are some of the most evocative works of art anywhere. You should read about them because they are nifty: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moai

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The seams are deliberate to the point of having been added back in in some places, partly to enhance the crude aspect and partly for contrast on the monochrome paintjob. I actually blended the features initially but they just didn't look like much more than lumps that way - probably because the texture is pretty deep relative to the features. I used a blank broccoli base, so their skin is negative broccoli - there has to be some sort of silliness that arises from that.

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