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I've made a Paint and Utility box

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In the last weeks I was working on this box, to make it easier to transport my paints and utils.


The first picture shows the box from the backside, but it looks the same from the front. I made it possible to put the removable cover at the backside. I hated it always to have not the cover on a fixed place.












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Wheels would be fine, but I'm not sure where to place the long holder/griff, so I can pull the box without problems. And if I would need to include the wheels with a spring system so the box is not directly stressed. I don't want it fall apart. :-) But mixing the colors while pulling the box on wheels would be a nice side effect.


At first I wanted lime green, I've got caipirinha. I was not sure if it would look little to dark (as it was on the example cover), but it is exact what I wanted.


One of the upper shelves, which is for the modelling utilities, will get 2 rows of neodymium magnets. But I must order them first over ebay and they will need several weeks until I get them.


Only for the brushes I don't know what to do to hold them in place.

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Wow. It's like a custom tabouret!


When I don't want my brushes to move around I:


A. Roll them up in a bamboo roll such as is used to make sushi (a traditional artist's tool)


B. Roll them into a shirt cardboard scroll held together with hair elastics (not so good but still protects the hairs)


C. Bundle them together with hair elastics (the least good option but affords some protection)

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