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Well, I thought I'd add my WiP Minis thread to the list, so here goes...





First one here is going to be used for Sheska, the Fighter in one of the Games I run.






This here is Torchbearer, my PC in a new Campaign I joined recently. He is a Warforged Fighter with the Firecrafter Theme. Basically, I describe him as "Fire, barely contained". In the Campaign's world, Warforged are made by fusing a soul to a Construct body and are made primarily by Kenku as servants. My PC's creator made him from a Fire Elemental soul and used him to carry his torch around. My PC was not amused by this and attacked the Kenku with a Sword of Fire that came out of his arm. He took the name "Torch" after this incident and is now on the run.



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The "Metallic Blue" you mention is actually Shadowed Steel from the Reaper Dropper Bottles Paint line. I need to get more work on it done soon.


Been Working on some new stuff for GenCon events, mostly for the DDM Guild stuff. So, here they are...






Been working on a prize for a Tournament at GenCon for the D&D Minis Guild. As they have recently "Risen from the Ashes", so has the Grand Prize!






The Aspect of Hextor was one of the more Complex and Interesting Sculpts in the DDM line. Unfortunately, it came from one of the Sets that had the Worst Paintjob Quality since Harbinger, War Drums. I'm Fixing that:)






Let us go Olde Skhuul now with a WotC METAL Mini. From the Chainmail line, a Hobgoblin Cleric thing.






And Finally, the Aspect of Kord was an excellent mini for the Skirmish game for much of its first incarnation and wasn't too bad in the second version either. However, not everyone who bought DDMs played the Skirmish game. So a few who had some painting talent started "Re-Painting" DDMs in very different ways. Kord here was often repainted as a Frost Giant. So I'm giving it a try too.



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So, putting the finishing touches on my DDM Guild Prize Support. Do not worry though, I have many Reaper minis that I'm getting ready to start work on.






The Male Dwarf Paladin from the Heroes series repainted as a Gold Dwarf. One of the better sculpts from the Heroes Series.






The Phoenix is coming along well.






The Hobgoblin Cleric is nearly done now, too.




All of my prizes for the DDM Guild Events. All told they came out very good.



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So, its been awhile. But new projects are being worked on at the moment, including the following...


First off, a Commission, the DDM Red Wizard of Thay. The Requester wanted it painted with Dark robes and red Flames on the bottom edges of them. Basically, he wanted a Distinctive "Leader" for his Red Wizards in his games.







Next up is Turg the Mighty, a Half-Orc Monk in my Home Campaign. He looks weird because I had to touch up a couple of things after giving him a wash.






And I haven't forgotten the Dragon Painting Challenge! I Plan on painting Ashardalon from the Board Game if my White Dragon Trophy Project doesn't pan out soon.



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Good work!


I tend to agree with smokingwreckage. If you thin your paints, they tend to blend better with others and the result will be awesome!


You could also use some shades (basically a very thin and yet with good amounts of pigment paint), for tabletop games is what I use to do a fast and good work.

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Update on a recent WiP and a new one I'm working on.


First is Turg the Mighty, the Half-Orc Monk. Still needs a bit of touching up but he is finally Covered(With Paint).








And then we have Shadow Turg. Turg used to be an Assassin and it came back to haunt him. The part of him he Sold to the Shadowy Forces took on a "Life" of its own and tried to become the "Real Turg" by killing him. This Failed of course.







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The WiP of my afore mentioned Adventuring Party Commission! First up is the Dreaded Pixie Vampire!!!






The Idea is to have the Brass Rod I stuck him on become a Tree-Plant-Thing. Also, I plan to paint it like even the Plant he is sitting on is having its life force sucked out.


Next up, The Tiefling Monk. He is supposed to be a No Weapon Monk and devoted to the Raven Queen, Goddess of Death. My plan is to put a tattoo on his chest of Her Holy Symbol.






Third on the list is the Sword Mage Bard type. The guy said he was basically Link from the Legend of Zelda video games, so I added a bit to his Hood to make it more like Link's Hat. Also, Am conscidering resculpting the Short Sword into a Flute for some Olde Skuul Link Style!






The Last Party member is a Dwarf Warden with a really big Axe. I'm still preparing the mini for that one, though, so you have to wait.




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Adventurer Commission ahoy! First up is the Dwarf Warden.






I chopped off the samurai like Helmet that this mini originally had and added most of the head of a Werewolf Mini to the void that remained. Used some Pro-Create to fill the gaps and sculpt some fur.






PIxie Vampire has been Primered and that is about it, so far.






The "Link" Sward Bard Mage Thing has had the Short Sword replaced with a Flute, kind of. Used the one end of the flute bit but could not get the other half to go in the hole! In the end I decided to use the Short Sword to represent the End you blow into. It was close enough that I think I can do a bit with it once the Glue dries.








And now the Tiefling Monk! Obviously, I need to touch him up a good bit. But I've got the general Paint scheme worked out. And before you say anything, yes that is a bead under his hand. once it is done drying, I'm going to paint it like a Potion Bottle or something.



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    • By Marsya
      Since I haven’t had a WIP in a very long time, I thought this mini would be perfect for it. I plan to paint her up for a Christmas gift for a friend and figured to keep me on track I’d do a WIP. 
      I have a few minis in progress she’ll be my main priority after my Darksword Stephanie Law Bard. I prepped her and primed yesterday after the humidity finally dropped.
      My current projects in various stages on my desk. 

      And just the pinup after some prep work 

      A few places I could have spent more time on but figured I’ll prime and see what stands out. 

      I used army painter matte black primer followed by Tamiya fine white primer. For the bits on her base I left them in black since she will be the focal point no need to use white on them, it’ll help the colors be a bit more muted. 
      And finally my quick mock up for color checking. I usually just print a stock photo and use my paints over it to plan the general scheme. 

      Now to finish up my bard then onto tackling her flesh. Since she’ll have a hint of sheer with her stocking I needed to be sure the color for her skin and the sheer works and won’t lose the effect due to the color choices. 
      Feel free to post C&C throughout, or ask questions. I’m always happy to share what I can. I’ll do my best to share the steps I take and colors used. 
      Happy painting everyone. 
    • By Citrine
      I finished some townsfolk recently, they snuck into the queue ahead of my halfpainted drow squad. 😮
      Fruit seller in metal (SKU 4023):

      Farmer and beggar in Bones (SKU 77665):

    • By Citrine
      Here are 2 Bones 3 ogres I finished in the last few months, Reaper Ogre Matriarch (SKU 77568) and Ogre Chieftain (SKU 77566) . The detail on the goblin was very soft, and my painting progress stopped for a couple of months.  But now they are finally ready for some tabletop fun.

    • By Citrine
      This is the Reaper Bones Familiar from the Stone and Familiar set (SKU 77390).  He will be an important bard NPC in a Savage World game I am hoping to run sometime soon.

    • By Metalchaos
      Since even cultists love fashion, I went with purple marble on this one. This is the Bones version of the 77139, Altar of Evil sculpted by Bob Olley.





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