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Here's a thread to show my stuff without a limiting thread title. I'll just post my work here.


Here is my experiment with PC putty, I'm remaking the Gnome warpunk necromancer in 1:56. I think the boot came out pretty sweet but his thigh is, unsurprisingly, a bit thin. We'll see how it goes.
Also cut out a styrene profile of an x-95 in 1:100. I created an impression in Super Sculpey, baked that and presently putty is curing in it.


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I love what you've done with his face! That's a marked improvement. Very expressive! Also nice to see a yelling face that doesn't end up looking like GW inflatable doll faces of the late 90's.


Thank you smokingwreckage. I must be honest that I'm also happy about some aspects of the face but still feel the result should be better. There's always the next one!



Here's an update.
Recap: I'm working on a 1:56 Gnome Necromancer in the warpunk theme. Warpunk is a mash-up between traditional fantasy and mid 20th century military theme. I'm trying my hand with the unfamiliar epoxy putty unfortunately named "ProCreate". Having a blast.
Comparison with 1:52
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