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Jasper_the_2nd, on 12 Oct 2013 - 03:22 AM, said:

Very nice. The front of the pants in particular look really realistic. Do you put the putty on then put in all the folds and creases? Do you use reference pictures for that or just go with what looks right?

Thank you! No, I really should consult a reference but I haven't. What really helps is that I sculpted first the anatomy beneath so then when I push the "cloth" it can't go further than where there's a person. It makes the underlying structure evident.
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You have been busy. : )

A little bit. ;)







All done for now. I added a little bit of mass to his right shoulder and shoulder-blade which improved it some. I also added a tab and some small details here and there.








With diffuse lighting:






Group photo with the recent 1:56 sculpts:





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I like it! You're improving with every sculpt!

Thank you very much. I hope that's true. I don't feel like it sometimes but I suppose that's normal. Wait till you see the next one!




Final tweaks: elongated fingers on both hands, sharpened/smoothed shoulder pads and enhanced nape of helmet.


That's it. Now I'm going to start a new sculpt.









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Hellbeard, it's been inspiring following you on this odyssey. The sculpts seem to get more expressive with each one. I particularly like the commander, his pose and facial expression really convey a sense of authority. I look forward to being able to make faces that look like faces.

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