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Wow, they're both coming along very nicely! His right hand and the gun are both totally spot-on, nicely done! The bat is looking more and more awesome as well, I'm loving that fur texture. :)



--OneBoot :D

Thanks. I tried a slightly different technique inspired by pinning some miniatures. I also made good use of the new calipers to get things sorted. Such a brilliant little tool, that.

I wish I'd progress faster to be honest. On the other hand I suppose that as long as I persevere and try to do even a little bit when I get the chance that's something I should appreciate. I get impatient sometimes.



Yeah the bat is really starting to come together!


The primed guys on the right are Dreadball? Who are the guys on the left?

Thank you. The guys on the right are Dreadball and the guys on the left are Infinity. The sculpts are amazing good. I'm certain they're like me at 1:56 scale and we match up rather well in proportions, my guys and theirs (infinity's are several leagues better but that's neither here nor there). The head, though, gives a stark contrast. My heads are huge in comparison. It strengthens my earlier idea that I should do some practice heads after this.

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Thanks guys. I think I might get some figures cast in the next couple of months or so. Any suggestions on what you might like to see? 


Another couple of heads. One is oversized and the other is true to 1:56 scale. Also progress on the body/figure.













Oh, and this in super sculpey with paint and effects:







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