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Nightmare Christmas Scenario (aka 2 old guys with sacks)

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I always do a Christmas adventure with my D&D group. This year was a "Nightmare before Christmas" theme, last year was 'Scrooge". Of course this years "Christmas" game was played in January or February =P. I plan on adding flock and static grass to these.


All the minis are from Reaper, all the pumpkins I made out of Sculpey. The objective was to prevent the Pumpkin King and his minions from getting Santa into the Pumpkin Portal. Of course when my group got there they almost decided to kill Santa for loot. Anyway the Blue face pumpkin would slow any enemies within so many squares and the Green faced pumpkin would blow back any enemies within so many squares, the Yellow topped pumpkins would explode when enemies got close, and the Green pumpkins were toxic, poisoning any enemies nearby. (Enemies = players). The Pumpkin King can summon 3 Pumpkin minions out of the Pumpkin Portal, and only 3 minions can be up at a time.


The pumpkin portal is immune to magic or magic effects, but not melee. Moving a single pumpkin out of line ruins the portal. I tried to cut n paste my monster templates I created here.



Level 2 Traps XP: 150 per

Hit Points: 10




Armor Class AC: 5


Fort/Reflex/Will: 5

Special Skills:




Immune: Disease, poison Resist: Necrotic 10 Vulnerable: Radiant 5

Explosive Pumpkin

Explodes for 4d6 fire damage within 1 square.

Slowing Pumpkin

Slows all within 2 squares.

Blowing Pumpkin

Blows enemies back 4 squares, if within 3 squares.

Poison Pumpkin

5 poison damage per round, unless save vs. Fort.






Pumpkin Minion

Level 3 Lurker XP: 200

Hit Points:30 (Bloodied 15)

Movement Speed: 4


Initiative Bonus: +6

Armor Class AC:18

Perception +6

Fort: 15

Special Skills:

Ref: 14


Will: 16

Immune: Disease, poison Resist: Necrotic 10 Vulnerable: Radiant 5

Pumpkin portal: 3 Minions can be at the game at a time, if any of the pumpkins that make up the ring are moved or damaged the portal is destroyed. The pumpkin portal is immune to magic.




+6 vs. AC, 1d8+3 damage












Jack the Pumpkin King

Level 9 Brute XP: 1000

Hit Points:200 (Bloodied 100)

Movement Speed: 6


Initiative Bonus: +9

Armor Class AC: 24

Perception +8

Fort: 23

Special Skills:

Ref: 19


Will: 18

Immune: Disease, poison Resist: Necrotic 10 Vulnerable: Radiant 5



Throw Pumpkin

+10 vs. AC (Choose one of the special pumpkins from above.)

Throw Body part

+10 vs. AC, 2d8+6 damage, and rotting, ongoing 5 disease (sv) and (-2) to Fort

Scythe attack

Close burst (All adjacent targets) +12 vs AC, 2d10+6

Devour Minion

Sacrifice minion, gain that many hitpoints






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