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Nightmare Christmas Scenario (aka 2 old guys with sacks)

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I always do a Christmas adventure with my D&D group. This year was a "Nightmare before Christmas" theme, last year was 'Scrooge". Of course this years "Christmas" game was played in January or February =P. I plan on adding flock and static grass to these.


All the minis are from Reaper, all the pumpkins I made out of Sculpey. The objective was to prevent the Pumpkin King and his minions from getting Santa into the Pumpkin Portal. Of course when my group got there they almost decided to kill Santa for loot. Anyway the Blue face pumpkin would slow any enemies within so many squares and the Green faced pumpkin would blow back any enemies within so many squares, the Yellow topped pumpkins would explode when enemies got close, and the Green pumpkins were toxic, poisoning any enemies nearby. (Enemies = players). The Pumpkin King can summon 3 Pumpkin minions out of the Pumpkin Portal, and only 3 minions can be up at a time.


The pumpkin portal is immune to magic or magic effects, but not melee. Moving a single pumpkin out of line ruins the portal. I tried to cut n paste my monster templates I created here.



Level 2 Traps XP: 150 per

Hit Points: 10




Armor Class AC: 5


Fort/Reflex/Will: 5

Special Skills:




Immune: Disease, poison Resist: Necrotic 10 Vulnerable: Radiant 5

Explosive Pumpkin

Explodes for 4d6 fire damage within 1 square.

Slowing Pumpkin

Slows all within 2 squares.

Blowing Pumpkin

Blows enemies back 4 squares, if within 3 squares.

Poison Pumpkin

5 poison damage per round, unless save vs. Fort.






Pumpkin Minion

Level 3 Lurker XP: 200

Hit Points:30 (Bloodied 15)

Movement Speed: 4


Initiative Bonus: +6

Armor Class AC:18

Perception +6

Fort: 15

Special Skills:

Ref: 14


Will: 16

Immune: Disease, poison Resist: Necrotic 10 Vulnerable: Radiant 5

Pumpkin portal: 3 Minions can be at the game at a time, if any of the pumpkins that make up the ring are moved or damaged the portal is destroyed. The pumpkin portal is immune to magic.




+6 vs. AC, 1d8+3 damage












Jack the Pumpkin King

Level 9 Brute XP: 1000

Hit Points:200 (Bloodied 100)

Movement Speed: 6


Initiative Bonus: +9

Armor Class AC: 24

Perception +8

Fort: 23

Special Skills:

Ref: 19


Will: 18

Immune: Disease, poison Resist: Necrotic 10 Vulnerable: Radiant 5



Throw Pumpkin

+10 vs. AC (Choose one of the special pumpkins from above.)

Throw Body part

+10 vs. AC, 2d8+6 damage, and rotting, ongoing 5 disease (sv) and (-2) to Fort

Scythe attack

Close burst (All adjacent targets) +12 vs AC, 2d10+6

Devour Minion

Sacrifice minion, gain that many hitpoints






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    • By MoonglowMinis
      Better late than never.

      Here's some fun Pumpkin Horrors I painted up for @Inarah for Secret Sophie this past December.  I was still riding on my Halloween spirit when Secret Sophie began, but wanted to do something that fit the winter theme.  Inspired by the snowman-like design of the Pumpkin horrors and my own past mistakes of leaving pumpkins outside to rot all winter, I decided to do a holiday mashup with these guys left out in the cold too long.

      With some time having passed, I wish I would have made them look a bit rotten and frost-bitten, but I also like the more colorful result.

      More Photos Below the Spoiler:
      These were some fun minis and my first time working with metal.  I have now broken the seal and have started looking into other minis that I previously considered off-limits.  I also enjoyed participating in Secret Sophie and joining in to some of the forum shenanigans.  I highly recommend participating in these kinds of things for any who have been reticent.
      What are some of your favorite holiday minis?
    • By DocPiske
      I know, I know, 2020 is scary enough, but here are some spooky miniatures.
      First up, Fritz!

      Scooby-dooby-doo, where are you?

      I like how the blue edging came out on this one.

      To be continued...
    • By Rigel
      "If ever you chance to go to the woods
      Be sure that you go by day,
      Or the Spindly Man with his long thin arms
      Will spindle you clean away."

      Scarecrows. The purpose is to inspire fear. For crows, the idea is that it looks like a human. 
      For people, the issue is that it doesn't quite. 

      Gauntfield is a truly horrific sculpt. For one, scale creep aside, he's very tall. Over eight foot in scale, if I were to judge. For another, his hands are way too big, coming down to knee level. And those hands are clutching a sack full of bones. That's a red flag. Oh, and he's a reanimated skeleton with a jack-o-lantern sack mask. That sadistic grin! the flapping tatters! The sculptor is very like Gauntfield himself, in that they are both...

      ...outstanding in their field.

      "When it comes to SURPRISES in the moonlit night..."

      A Bombshell promotion netted me this Autumn the Scarecrone. Less overtly skeletal, but still a construct of cloth and straw given malign, shambling life and carrying a sickle. Tatterdemalion, rag-tag, hobbledehoy. 

      The crow on her hat is a nice touch.

      Her paint job and color scheme are loosely inspired by Sally from "NIghtmare Before Christmas."

      Bonus: Bombshell's Pumpkin Pal!

    • By DocPiske
      After missing last year I'm back. Good thing I started painting in August, just finished these last weekend!
      First up, a banshee (77096 Labella DeMornay, Banshee). Not too happy with this one, still working on finding just the right way to use the translucent Bones. I like how the dress turned out, though.


      Next up, 77097 Grave Wraith. Happier with this one, but still not quite right:

      Next, another pumpkin golem, 03708 Freddie, the Pumpkin Horror. I think I'm only missing one now.

      And what is Halloween without a spooky tree (03692 Halloween Tree):

      Keeping with the pumpkin theme, here is the Halloween Knight, 01449. Color scheme shamelessly stolen from the mobs in Scholomance in World of Warcraft.


      And finally, Halloween herself, 01450 All Hallow's Eve. She came out a bit more shiny than I intended.


      Happy Halloween everyone!
    • By EldritchEladrin
      Sculpt by Bobby Jackson.
      This Halloween themed project was stolen borrowed from a comment made by @strawhat in the "Acquisitions" thread, Re: the shiny orange MSP sample. He suggested that the Halloween Knight would look good with shiny orange plate mail and a white pumpkin head.
      So that's what I did:

      Very pleased with how this piece turned out! The shiny is much shinier in person, but I think my favourite part, is the use of a white pumpkin. Definitely the right call!
      Paints I used for the majority of the work:

      Also made use of MSP Shadowed Stone for the shield, and MSP Pale Olive for cape highlights.
      As always, comments welcome! :)
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