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[Group/Open] Bones KS Demons Set

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Looks like I will be leading off this thread for the Bones KS "Demon's Set" which included Agramon and Rauthuros. Please feel free to post your works here.


Below are the picks of my Agramon so far, and he is the first of my KS pledge that I have managed to put paint to. He is going to need a base as he is a bit back heavy on the broccoli base and tends to tip backward.



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Looks fantastic! Looking forward to getting my own so I can paint it!


One question though . . . do you have any works-in-progress shots? ::):

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Unfortunately, I did not get any WIP shots as I was so excited to finally paint some of my pledge that I forgot to take photos, so the WIP posts for my part in this thread will be base work...the broccoli base for this one is to small for him to stand stably and he deserves something more scenic. As to the figure, he was basecoated with Army Painter red primer, followed by Reaper MSP Creamy Ivory for the teeth and wing claws, and Reaper MSP Sun Yellow for the eyes. The whole figure was then hit with a wash made of 1 drop MSP Pure Black, 1 drop MSP Ultramarine Shadow, 1 drop MSP Deep Amethyst, and 20 drops of water. The flame ball was basecoated with MSP Sun Yellow followed by a few alternating layers of Citadel glazes (Lamenter's Yellow and Bloodletter).

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Here's the start of my demon ,

Based army painter spray barb skin ,Then violet red , black wash, violet red, blood red, black wash , blood red . Pure black wings pure white eyes teeth and claws then yellowed bone


Still alot to do though


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Thanks for the WIP. The paint tutorial is VERY appreciated. How's the other demon doing?

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