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The characters from my recent Adon Savage Worlds campaign


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I recently concluded a Savage Worlds campaign set in Adon (Reaper's own fantasy setting.) I made the mistake of opening up all of the races to the players, and ended up with quite a, um, diverse group. Still, it gave me an excuse to paint up custom figures for each of them. The colors were chosen according to the players' wishes. All of the miniatures are stock except for the barbarian (his axe haft was way too thin and broke off, so I pinned the head and sculpted new wood around it) and the dwarf (I converted his hammer out of the original axe to fit the character.)


From left to right, they were:


San'jon, a Mongkohn (Reptus) priest of Payanak, seeking evidence of Mongkohn in the north (the campaign took place in Vestonia and Anhur.)

Vi-et, a Koblorlas exiled for refusing to accept the will of the pack regarding his future (he showed shamanic abilities, but had no desire to follow that path.)
Oro Jarnvald, a dwarven Runeforger from Kragmarr (custom spellcasting style in which a dwarf can cast a limited number of spells, but only by imbuing his weapons and armor with runes and releasing the power through them.)

Komac, a barbarian from Heimdall looking to discover his own worth.


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Really good paintjob on all of them, they each stand out from the other!


Question: How did you do the snow? That stuff looks really good.


Thanks for the comments!


I mix baking soda with ultra-fine pearlescent glitter - just enough glitter to add a hint of sparkle, but not enough to actually make it glittery. I then mix that powder with white glue to form a paste, which I dribble where the snow would be. Last, I dust it very lightly with a little more of the powder.



I'd like to know more about the gold on show here.


Excellent work, anyway!


Do you mean the gold on the dwarf?

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