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50050 Lobo Sanchez, bandito: sculpt J. Wiebe, paint D. Schubert

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This is a really neat effect - it definitely makes me think of an old portrait, much more so than the two others you linked (they make me think "there's an awful lot of brown on those miniatures").


I thought about this for a minute or two and came up with two hypotheses:

1) Buffalo Bill and Doc Holliday have two different tones on them. Bill's boots and bear stand out as a different colors. The differences on Doc Holliday are a lot more subtle, but the hat/hat band is the most noticeable example of two side-by-side colors. Lobo appears to have a single tone - there might be some differences between the dark shadows and the light shadows, but it doesn't immediately stand out.

2) Flesh tone. Bill and Doc have natural looking skin, which calibrates my brain that the rest of the miniature is "normal." Lobo has green skin, so my brain instantly knows there's something "wrong."


Can I ask what blending technique you used, and if it differs at all from what you would use on non-monochrome paint jobs?

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I love the painting. The details are very well chosen, the tones work well, and the brushwork is to your usual brilliant standard.


I would like to see a natural parchment background (or similarly colored other material), because right now I'm getting a bit of cognitive dissonance from the monochrome figure on a monochrome background with a different color temperature.

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Great work. After doing the first round of tartan on the pooch I'm painting, I want to go break my brushes looking at your cloth freehand :) But beyond the great freehand, the texture you achieved on the blanket is outstanding. Nice and worn looking.


I still like Doc more, but he's one of my all-time favorite paint jobs.

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Thanks, all!


@fanguad: Interesting points.

As you may remember seeing in my classes, I do a lot of brush-by-brush mixing (for wet-blending, layering, and glazing), sometimes between two colors that are quite far apart in value or hue -- so my full-color miniatures have a lot of little variations in the colors. But when I paint sepia monochrome (or any monochrome with a midtone that isn't just gray), I have to do things slightly differently. I premix 10 wells of color on my palette, and then I have to limit myself to doing my usual blending and layering techniques using 2 colors from adjacent wells. I have to avoid blending directly from light brown to dark brown, because the color between them will be "wrong" (the white in the light brown interacting with the black in the dark brown to make a gray-brown, not the properly saturated medium brown). Only if the monochrome were a strict gradation between two colors (a "black" and a "white") could I blend a high value and a low value and still get the right middle value. What looks like different colors on Buffalo Bill or Doc Holliday are probably places where I skipped steps in painting the value progression (e.g. blended from well #5 to well #7, instead of #5 to #6 to #7), and a new/inconsistent color was the result.

Or it might be a matter of the color progression itself. On Buffalo Bill, I had more yellow in the high values, going to more orange-browns in the middles and darks. On Lobo, I used duller colors overall.

Or it might be a function of contrast and the complexity of the sculpt. On Lobo, I used deeper shadows and higher contrast. Buffalo Bill's boots seem to be so different from his trousers because the values of the boots (e.g. call them 50% to 80% brightness) don't overlap much with the values of the trousers (e.g. 20% to 60%), and there isn't another object nearby that spans the gap (e.g. 35% to 70%).

Enough analysis for now.... :blink:


@Corporea: Part iguana, part chameleon! :;):


@Doug Sundseth: I thought about using a background whose color was consistent with the colors of the figure, but then I decided that the cognitive dissonance of the gray background would show that this is a figure painted in sepia tones, not just an image electronically converted to sepia tones. :;):


@CashWiley: Thanks. I added the textures and mottling on the blanket after my initial freehand, because it looked too smooth and pristine. So give your tartan another round. I'm glad you like Doc so much.



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I have so much respect for those who master this technique!

Loving this, black and white is awesome, sepia rocks even more.


Some day I hope to have the courage to try something like this aswell and then I will absolutely use your work as a source of inspiration.


I'm at the brink of finishing my Chronoscope Sheila-mini and now I've got a reason to buy her a second time to try out this techinique, would love to see you doing a similar job on her!


Top-work as usual Derek!

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    • By dks
      I've finished another project that was on my to-do list for years.
      First the pics, then some more words:



      This was a special resin figure from ReaperCon 2014 (April 24-27 that year) -- sculpted by Bobby Jackson, given to attendees who paid extra for the Artist Banquet on Saturday night. 
      I was supposed to paint him for Reaper's studio collection after the con, but I got distracted with other stuff and he fell off my list.
      He had the SKU 01529 for a while, and although he is out of production now, his clone will be back soon in Bones 5 as part of the "Dreadmere Personas" Core Set extra.  I'll try to remember to revise the tags of this post when he has a new 77xxx or 78xxx number.
      Ian Markon (Kuro Cleanbrush) painted a spectacular rendition in 2015 as "Knight of the Blood Moon", with red armor and wings.  You can find it here on the Forum by searching for "01529".
      So far in 2021, I've been finishing some figures left over from years past ... and getting points in the Reaper Challenge League for it.
      This guy earned 3 points for the April theme of "No More Sunrises" (vampires and other nocturnal or subterranean monsters). 
      I couldn't decide on a color scheme so I started painting a cool grey monochrome as if he were in moonlight. 
      I was going to add a warm light from behind, too, but I just kept going with the cool monochrome all around. 
      I concentrated on the differences in contrast and texture among the materials: armor plates and trim, cloak exterior and interior, sword (blade, crossguard, pommel, hilt), gems, skin, hair, teeth, stone steps, skull, etc.
      I spent extra time on the face, as always, such as getting the blends very smooth. 
      The eyes are sculpted very large, which gave me freedom to manipulate the expression.  I painted the upper lids a fraction of a millimeter lower, to get just the right half-lidded look.
      And in order to make him seem more feral, I painted his scleras darker and irises lighter.  I did this a few years ago on a half-orc Pathfinder figure I painted (Skreed Gorewillow).
      The specific colors were Blue Liner ("black"), the cold grey triad (9172 Stormcover Grey, 9173 Coldstone Grey, and 9174 Icy Grey, now out of production), Misty Grey, and Pure White.
      The blending was somewhat challenging, because the greys changed value from wet to dry!  Stormcover Grey dries a little lighter, and Icy Grey and Misty Grey dry a little darker.  On the back of the cloak, for example, I would see a spot where I wanted to deepen the shadow, and Stormcover Grey looked perfect while wet, but then it would dry lighter and the "shadow" disappeared!  So I had to add Blue Liner to the Stormcover Grey, and trusted that what looked too dark at first would look right when dry.  This phenomenon made it fun to paint little streaks of Stormcover Grey on the interior of the cloak or the sword blade, because the streak would go on invisible over the black, but then appear grey as it dried a few seconds later.
    • By Darcstaar
      This was my entry for the Quarterly Bones Reaper Fan Facebook Painting Contest.
      The Angel of Shadow.  She was good enough for an Honorable Mention (Thanks Reaper Matt)!
      For the prior contest, I liked how people were getting interesting light effects by using a black backdrop, so I tried that.
      Another reason I wanted to do it was to see if I could put her on a standard gaming base, supported by a rod painted black to fade into the backdrop, to give her a good illusion of flying.
      Also, this was my first attempt at Monochrome.  My final idea was to do a weapon swap to a wand (A cross-looking weapon from the BONES 3 Weapon Sprue), and sculpted my take on Acid Arrow, painting it green as the only color on the model, like those stunning black and white photos with colored flowers, etc.  I would say I'm a much better painter than sculptor
      Her paints used
      As time wore down, I had to abandon thoughts of OSL, so I made it seem like her lantern had died out and the spell didn't cast much light.
      Here are some other photos against an out-of-focus rug to show some tighter details.
      I tried to put some texture into the fabric of her dress, which was another first.
      C&C Welcome!



    • By Pingo
      This is a figure from the Goth set from the game "Wild in the Streets" by Slow Death Games.  Thanks to FishNJeeps for directing me to them when I needed miniatures of modern people in goth-punk wear for a World of Darkness game.
      I painted up the figure as a vampire.  It didn't originally have any facial hair; that's all painted on.
      There isn't a WIP thread.  So as a quick note, although I have seen people able to do wonderfully subtle and menacing vampires who still look like vampires, I find that unless I paint mine in stark black and white they look like regular people.





    • By Cyradis
      CMPA is doing a "Bust a Move" challenge. I've been meaning to paint this lion for a while. The only non blue part are his eyes. The rest will be 50 Shades of Blue. I am basing with Dragon Blue, but intend to subdue it with less saturated blues as I go. First bust and first monochrome! Okay, almost monochrome 

    • By dks
      On the Monday evening after ReaperCon, Joseph Wolf (ReaperWolf, author of the Dreadmere setting and the faction adventures at the convention) ran a role-playing adventure for the painters and sculptors still present at Reaper HQ -- 10 of us.*
      Before we could play, each of us had to choose a figure for our character and paint it in about 2 hours.
      I chose this figure, Bobby Jackson's "slug hunter".  (Imagine his bottle to be a salt shaker, and he's sprinkling salt with his left hand.)  My character was a rogue with a magical bottle.
      I did most of the painting in a monochrome brown gradient (Brown Liner, Woodstain Brown, Driftwood Brown, Creamy Ivory), but added Aged Bone on the boots and base and dagger, and then Light Blue and Mint Green and some other blues and greens on various areas.  I also glazed some pink (Rosy Skin, maybe?) on his face and hands. 
      Back at home last weekend, I spent a couple of hours smoothing and glazing and doing touchups.  I also trimmed off and touched up a few mold-lines that I hadn't noticed.
      (The game was a lot of fun.  We had a group mission but chose individually whether we were going to help or hinder it, and the eventual infighting and scheming led to amusing hijinks.)

      *  Around the table: me, Chris Lewis, Julie Guthrie, Bob Ridolfi, Angela Imrie, Michael Proctor, Bobby Jackson, Tim Hill, Gene Van Horne, and Jason Wiebe.
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