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sculpting gold?

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Hello all i was wanting to ask some of the sculptors out there how they go about sculpting gold piles do they make individual coins or layer them? Do they just start with a lump of clay and sculpt them in? I know there are alot of tutorials on how to make your own gold pile but most of them involve using glitter on top of piles of glue or something and for the project im trying to sculpt it wont really work for that. Glitter wont really translate to well when i try to make a mold and cast it. Thanks in advance for any info.help.

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thank you phoenix i think ill try the green stuff idea it seems like its got the look im looking for. And thank you Dave its funny you mention that cause before i picked up sculpting i did leatherworking and still do when i get the chance (mostly armor for ren fests and other similar things) but come to find out ALOT of my stamps and other tools work QUITE well with sculpting so i now have a myriad of awesome tools for sculpting.

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