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Painting sheer white stockings?

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I found this Dark Sword figure one on my shelf of work in progress... it's been there for a little while, so while searching for the next mini to finish, I remember I had been practising the sheer white for a bit and left her standing there untill I would know what to do with her...

Point is, I thought I'd post a pic of it since it's still got all the different steps on how I tried it spread over the mini...


On the back you see I just painted the flesh (here not even with skin-tones or highlights, just plain pure flesh-paint) over the fabric, where the arms are located under:



On her frontside on her left arm I tried to do some shadows in the inner folds with some ugly grey...

On her right arm I had overpainted the grey with some azur-colour and highlighted the parts where the fabric is folded away from the flesh...




Here's two more side-views on how her legs come out so far...




I feel like picking up this one again and trying to decide how to paint the rest of her...

Not sure how much sheer-effect will be left after trying the lightreflection of the magic spell though...

Hope these pics may help a bit ;-)

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