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Sweet! When you're done will you post some of your fig's with the building?


I would happily oblige but all I have as far as minis go are unpainted conversions, commission works-in-progress, models in parts, unprimed gaming minis etc... at the moment. I make my living as a commission painter and I sold off everything I had that was painted during a move a year and a half ago to help with the ends. Now that everything from that chapter has settled down I'm painting like crazy and for the first time in a long while I actually have a few pieces I'm about ready to get started on for myself to get my own collection rolling finally.


I have no painted minis of my own, they're scattered to the 4 corners of the Earth! In fact, since I'm not selling this chapel, it will be the first painted "mini" in my new personal collection come to think of it...cool


Right now I have an Ork Warboss that I converted, a Skaven Warlord, a Space Marine Captain and a 40k Ork Warboss all primed and ready to get started painting for myself, all have to wait until this Chapel is done though, those are next and will be my very own haha. Finally.

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Getting close to the part where I put this kit together. All that's left are the skulls and gold bits, then assembly, basing and weathering. I'll show it all here of course. (all the silver parts are done, just didn't want to have them all together for these shots as there were a ton of silver parts.)

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And here we have the 'worn gold' effect. Blurry shots don't help see everything but I'm waiting to reveal everything in perfect focus until the end after everything is weathered and tied together. Right now, these process shots aren't as clear as I think they should be and next time I will focus more on...focus.


This evening the bone/skull tutorial will be up here then I put this Chapel together and putty it so the putty can cure overnight. Then weathering and final details. In the home stretch now, trying to get it done by Friday night/Saturday at the latest.

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Almost done! Just some weathering to do tomorrow and the two torches on the front. Left those blank because I need to put a lighting effect there tomorrow and I want to paint them when I have time with the same colors. Tonight, I'm done! Thanks guys who commented above I appreciate it glad you're following along!

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This is absolutely amazing! I would not change a thing about it. I love it!!


Thank you! But I am changing it though, I have to weather it to tie it all together. Needs more dust/dirt/grime/streaking/rust/ wear and tear etc...I'm in the process of doing that today. Of course, pics to follow.


A gorgeous piece of work. Thank you for posting this. It was inspiring.


You're welcome and thank you for following along and commenting. The final shots should be up today or tomorrow depending if I have time, not quite done yet, almost there.

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Astounding! I've got a Fortified Manor I've been holding onto for a while, and this has me anxious to get around to giving it a try again. I love the effects, but especially the "verdigris" treatment to the metal parts really jumped out at me, and the "sponging" texturing to the walls. Thanks so much for doing this in a work-in-progress style! I hope I can learn something useful from it.

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