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This is one of the coolest models I have ever seen.


Alright! Thanks kindly


Astounding! I've got a Fortified Manor I've been holding onto for a while, and this has me anxious to get around to giving it a try again. I love the effects, but especially the "verdigris" treatment to the metal parts really jumped out at me, and the "sponging" texturing to the walls. Thanks so much for doing this in a work-in-progress style! I hope I can learn something useful from it.


Astounding, love that word! Yeah that's a big project to tackle right there, hopefully this will give you some ideas for sure, I made sure to include just about everything I usually do when doing buildings or terrain or anything with wood/stone/tile etc... so it should be at least a good reference.


Love this wip. Look forward to seeing the wip for the weathering you plan to apply.


Thank you, wait no further my friend, it's all here!


Now I have to weather the whole thing and shoot footage of the completed deal which I'll post here once I get it all sorted today or tomorrow. The heat is rising around here, maybe I won't want to sit under my painting lights all day today, already getting muggy. Will see. I really take advantage of the mornings in the Summer to paint all morning before it gets hot. In the afternoon, not so much by tradition haha.

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Ok she's all done. Here's a video, shot in HD, but still kind of out of focus...not bad for a first try, at least stuff is visible mostly, room for improvement is to be expected, so expect improvement down the line with my next videos which I'm going to be doing from now on instead of just images of my minis!



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