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East Central Florida Warlord?

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Hi Folks!


I'm absolutly new to Warlord and amlooking for a group to play with in East Centrsl Florida. During the KS shipping bonesnanza, before my Bones were shipped, I saw a number of packages shipping to Brevard County so I'm hoping some of these folks are Warlord fans and would be willing to shepherd a Warlord Newcomer!


Any body here?

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Hi! I've been away from the forums for a very long time, but just happened to run into this post today. If a year + of no responses hasn't curbed your enthusiasm for the game, then I invite you to join my group. I have a solid core of 5 (sometimes more) players that meet up regularly in Daytona Beach (usually my house since there are NO gaming stores of any kind within 60 miles of Daytona beach). We are all EX 40k players as well as Warlord Veterans. I've been playing the longest (since 2006 I think it was....first printing), and we also recently picked up Reapers SCI-FI game CAV. Feel free to message me if you are interested in joining us.

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Hi ThatDeadGuy!


I wouldn't say that my enthusiasm has been crushed, but it has been a while since I have been on the board!


I live a mere 40 miles or so south of you in Titusville and am still interested but life happened and I haven't hd the time to focus on anything remotely resembling gaming. On the other hand I do hold out hope that I can carve some time out to at least stick my toe in the water.


I'll drop you a PM in a day or two!


Edit: I just realized its been just over a year since I made the original post. A lot has happened in a year! :-)

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I certainly understand, life has a funny way of messing with us all. I have somewhere around 4000+ points of Necropolis models, so I have plenty to share until you get your own. If you find yourself still interested feel free to send me a message.

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