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Darius Glenwell

Bones Bugbears by Darius (aka: Midwest Miniature Guy

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Since a few people have gotten the KS or purchased the Bones Bugbears via their FLGS I figured I'd throw my hat into the ring as well. Here's my take on them. No crazy scenic bases as these will be thrown onto the gaming table tonight! About 3 hours of work on them as well. Thanks for looking. :D


post-4948-0-08307200-1373550503_thumb.jpg post-4948-0-73083200-1373550530_thumb.jpg

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I think they look cool, although the one on the right in the first pic certainly has a worse case of rubber mace syndrome.


It's not rubber mace syndrome; he's just swinging it that hard. Poor dwarf… :devil:

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