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Transparent Bones & Blood with Tamiya Clear Colors


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1. Painting Blood:

With Tamiya Clear Red X27 & little black or black wash it is the best way to produce blood on a miniature. There exist not much colors to beat this.


I think it is the best video about it, using paint on the finger to see if the blood looks real, is a good idea.

he used another possible paint (Ghost Tint: Fresh Blood Minitaire), but mentioned that TCR X27, too.


2. Painting Transparent Bones with Tamiya Clear Colors.


It is not a guide, more an ideam but I'm thinking it could be possible to paint the elementals with these colors:

Tamiya Clear X27 Red

Tamiya Clear X26 Orange

Tamiya Clear X24 Yellow


I don't know how good they can be mixed together to get other color variations.


Only Problem I can think of, is about the red transparency. I don't know if yellow and orange would be visible enough on it.

It is possible to mix these colors with normal orange and yellow acrylic colors, so it should be possible to create semi-transparency.


There exist clear green (X25) and clear blue (X23) which could be used for ghosts.


It exist in 10ml and 23ml 'bottles'.

It is a acrylic color and it is glossy. But it is not a waterbased color, you not only water to clean the brush!

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Yes, this is my plan. I've got a bottle of the clear red that I'm going to test on the Wall of Fire once I get my sweet, delicious Bones. Once I see how that turns out I'm going to see how the orange & yellow work out on the other small elementals.


I suspect that I'm going to need to shade them with white to get a decent yellow / orange going, and then possibly drybrush the tips black. We'll see how it works out : )

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White typically begets opacity, so you will lose the transparency effect you seem to be looking for.


You might consider Reaper's Clear colors as well. All in all I'm going to speculate that you are going to be shifting the color if you go with an translucent paint. Perhaps focusing on recesses using darker colors (maybe similar to an inking techique) might work you towards the objective?


As a footnote: The purpose I use the testor's for is the drying qualities and making colored strands for goo, blood, bile, etc.

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Yeah. The problem is that the Tamiya Clears are transparent and WILL pick up a tonne of color from the red of the figure, so yellow will likely shift to orange.My thinking is that yes, the white will provide opacity, but normally the yellow portion of the flames are fairly opaque anyways (and we're talking about the crevices here more than anything else.


I'd love to be wrong, and that the straight Tamiya Clear Red over the transparent FireBones will look fine. I suspect rather strongly it's going to look like a Blood Elemental though.

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